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Looking at your communication challenges from a different perspective

Are you assuming your old way of operating pre-COVID, is still relevant post COVID? Come along to find out how the way you see your world may have shifted as a direct response to the pandemic and how not understanding that may create issues in the way you communicate and engage with others.

In this workshop, Paula McSporran founder of Mindset Mastery Ltd. will provide an overview of some of the processes, methodologies, & best practices that enable you to communicate clearly, build trust, achieve productivity and develop sustainable relationships.

Many organizations agree that people are our greatest asset – at home and at work. How we behave is a great indicator of how effective our communication is – personally and/or professionally.

If we’re not seeing the kind of behavior we expect, this means there’s an opportunity to do something different to get the desired result. It could be as simple as saying the same thing a little differently or changing your physiology or tone because the intention of the message is great, but the physiology gives off a different vibe.

Do you want to be more productive at work without increasing your hours or having to learn “new” technology? Does it interest you to ease into ‘complicated’ conversations without being overcome by your emotions, or creating conflict – for yourself or the other person?

Have you ever given instructions to someone or delegated work and it’s not been done how you asked? Imagine the time you would save if you understood the differences in how you see things and how the other person or persons saw the same thing, then you could communicate in a way that was understood by all the first time.

This brown-bag lunch talk is for those who value people and understand that relationships are integral to building great businesses as well as living a more fulfilling life.

This talk will help you:
• Discover what you can do right now to refine your communication and ensure you are
heard accurately by colleagues, teammates, and co-workers.
• Build on your knowledge to create opportunities that enhance your communication, yielding
greater clarity, influence, and productivity.
• Understand the dynamics that ‘virtual meetings” require on our ability to listen, concentrate,
and stay focused, plus, add value in the moment, all potentially adding stress and uncertainty.


This session is run by Paula McSporran, founder of Mindset Mastery. Paula’s qualifications include Management, Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Executive and Leadership Coaching as well as ongoing learning with neuroscience and human behavior.

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Paula will also be running office hours after her session for anyone that wants to connect to her directly between 1.30 - 3pm

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