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STARTUP GARAGE is about startups, tech and the founder/team lifestyle. At Garage events you can:

SEE UNDER THE BONNET of cool Kiwi startups, see around their digs, meet their teams and hear their stories.

HEAR WHAT MAKES A STARTUP REDLINE from visiting and local founders, investors, and luminaries in numerous fields and industries.

TUNE UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE on key topics that matter to ideas people, startup junkies, true founders, growth hackers, and pretty much any other label of folk in New Zealand's innovation ecosystem.

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Upcoming events (2)

Latin America Workshop for NZ Entrepreneurs

Creative HQ

ARE YOU WORKING IN THE NEW ZEALAND STARTUP SPACE? CHQ’s Lightning Lab is teaming up with the Latin America Centre of Asia- Pacific Excellence (LatAm CAPE) to deliver a series of workshops across the country to introduce you to the new opportunities that the Latin American market offers. This workshop will include: - Guest speakers from Latin America - Overview of Latin America markets: challenges and opportunities - Tips for doing business with the region If you are a startup founder, thinking of starting something soon, or a startup support champion, make sure you attend this workshop. It's free. Plus, we will feed you some tasty Latin American treats and drinks.

Dead Startup Society

Creative HQ

Many of us have been involved in startups that have failed - some quietly, some spectacularly, most somewhere in between. Come along to reflect and share our failures and the lessons we've learned from them. Letting go of a dead startup is like letting go of a deceased loved one. It’s hard, it’s full of emotion, and we’ll always remember how the initial promise was never fulfilled, often for reasons totally out of our control. If you’ve lived through the nightmare of watching your startup die and are seeking catharsis, even years later, this meetup is for you. You’ll be in a supportive environment where we can mourn together, enjoy a drink or two, and learn how to move on together. Dave Mosk will lead us through the spiritual transformation. Be sure to bring any collateral you have from your dead startup like business cards, annual reports etc, so we can properly send them off.

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