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STARTUP GARAGE is about startups, tech and the founder/team lifestyle. At Garage events you can:

SEE UNDER THE BONNET of cool Kiwi startups, see around their digs, meet their teams and hear their stories.

HEAR WHAT MAKES A STARTUP REDLINE from visiting and local founders, investors, and luminaries in numerous fields and industries.

TUNE UP YOUR KNOWLEDGE on key topics that matter to ideas people, startup junkies, true founders, growth hackers, and pretty much any other label of folk in New Zealand's innovation ecosystem.

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Dead Startup Society - Volume 2

54 Inglewood Pl

Dave Mosk will lead us through an official farewell and appreciation of all of the work we have done in previous projects that have come to an unwanted end. This is an event to give time and space to discuss all of the startups, ventures and projects that for whatever reason didn't make it to the full fruition that we had hoped they would. Sometimes we have to stop our efforts, and it is worth taking the time to celebrate the effort we did put in and know that it was worth the learning we did along the way. Come and share your story with us and hear from others. I can't find the old event page it would be great to recycle the description there and would be a a nice homage, but let me know what edits you would like form this

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