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The Stockholm Music Industry group is for musicians, producers, managers, record labels, agents, music supervisors, etc - to meet, collaborate, create events, launch new recording projects, share promotion ideas, and simply grow the music business in Stockholm. My name is Peter Fosso. Much of my life I've spent as a musician and entrepreneur. I'm the founder of Global Music Project.org, the non-profit organization that helps music fans discover independent artists from around the world while it helps support its music preservation mission. I hope you can visit the site, create a profile, and donate your music or make a financial contribution. In addition to my work with Global Music Project, I'm now the head of development for Music2Deal.com in the United States. Music2Deal is the definitive online networking site for the music industry, helping managers, booking agents, producers, music supervisors, artists and other music industry professionals promote their songs, artists, and businesses to thousands of Music2Deal members in over 30 different countries. Join this great Meetup and come meet some fellow music professionals.

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Let's get together and socialize, discuss opportunities that people might have, musical collaborations, business partnerships, and more - just have a mingle to connect.

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