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This meetup aims to gather people from all walks of life, who are interested in the study and practice of Stoicism as a philosophy of life.

Stoicism has been one of the most influential philosophies throughout history since Greek and Roman times. It is simple, highly practical and remains relevant in our modern day. In fact, Stoicism is growing again in popularity. It promises, as it always has, a “good flow of life” -- tranquility through living a virtuous life based on wisdom, courage, self-control and justice.

If living a flourishing life appeals to you, then you are more than welcome to join us. This is a place of learning and encouragement. Our discussions will be open and simple. We're not expected to agree on everything, and together we’ll learn different perspectives on how to become the best versions of ourselves.

“Associate with people who are likely to improve you. Welcome those who you are capable of improving. The process is a mutual one: men learn as they teach" - Seneca

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Stoic Practice Group: A Stoic approach to COVID-19

*This meetup will be held in a virtual meeting room Stoics Singapore meet every two weeks to explore how to bring the teachings of the Stoic philosophy into modern day life. Marcus Aurelius spent his entire reign in conflict. Much blood was shared at the border against the barbarian horde, but he also faced a more insidious killer: the Antonine Plague, an infectious disease that swept through the republic, killing as many as 5 million people in its wake. As a result, stoicism has much to say on how we should act in the face of a crisis such as COVID-19. We will discuss how we can use the dichotomy of control to stay grounded while the world whirls around us. We will also remind ourselves to remain accountable to living a life of virtue as much when times are bad as when times are good. Practice groups will consist of short selected readings, facilitated questions and suggestions for daily practice. While we value perspectives from other disciplines and schools of thoughts, we center the conversation on Stoic principles. You don't need to have a deep understanding of Stoic philosophy or have read the classic texts to get a lot out of these practice groups. With that said, if this is your first introduction to Stoic philosophy, we recommend that you join one of our 'Stoic 101' sessions held 1-2 times a month. *** VIRTUAL MEETUP As practicing stoics, we focus on what is under our control. What we can do during this time of heightened threat is exercise social distancing. For the time being, all practice group sessions will be held via virtual meeting https://asurion.zoom.us/j/6144816719 You will need a computer, tablet or phone with a camera and good microphone to participate.

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