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What we’re about

We are a community of Strategic Design enthusiasts. Our community is an open platform for the exploration and exchange of ideas, concepts, methods and tools related to the practice of Strategic Design. We prefer “learning by doing” and therefore want to avoid the standard “show & tell” format. We aim for hands-on, interactive and co-creative sessions. As a secondary goal, we want to create awareness and therefore strengthen the position of Strategic Designers in today’s business environment. 

Strategic Design is a relatively young term, but not necessarily a young domain. When we speak of “Strategic Design” we align with the explanation provided by the Helsinki Design Lab, which is as follows: “(...) Strategic design applies some of the principles of traditional design to "big picture" systemic challenges like healthcare, education, and climate change. It redefines how problems are approached, identifies opportunities for action, and helps deliver more complete and resilient solutions. Strategic design is about crafting decision-making.”

We will focus on the following areas:
- Why is Strategic Design relevant? What is the role of Strategic Design today and in the future? (discussions, panels, movie nights…)
- How does one practice Strategic Design? What are the processes, methods and tools? (exploration, hands-on, workshops, co-creation sessions…)
- What are the applications of Strategic Design? (cases, examples, presentations …)

Strategic Design is a discipline, which leans on design principles and uses design methods and tools to answer questions on a strategic level. It is not a discipline, which is reserved for designers only. Our aim is to grow a cross-disciplinary community, which will represent different points of view, experiences and needs. We would love to see a high diversity of individuals, who are excited to learn and share their thoughts. 

This platform is for and by the community. This means that co-creation is not only encouraged but also expected. This will be visible in the interactive and participatory format of the meetups. Besides that we invite everyone to take the initiative and co-create the content and formats.

Click on the below link to find archive of past workshop materials.