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StrengthsFinder Singapore Networking Session
Let's catch up over a cup of coffee and some small bites. Come network with other StrengthsFinder Enthusiasts, discover our talents together, and learn how to develop them into strengths. Be ready with your own StrengthsFinder Report and get ready to have a great time! Broad Meetup Structure 2pm - 4pm : Meetup Session - Strengths Scavenger Hunt 4pm - 5pm : Mingling and Chit Chat We are using the Training Room @ Lifelong Learning Institute! One of the most well-equipped training rooms in Singapore, the Lifelong Learning Institute provides a conducive environment for our meetups. Comes with Free Wi-Fi for all of you as well! Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) is a 3-minutes walk from Paya Lebar MRT, accessible via the East-West Line (EW8) and Circle Line (CC9). Circle Line (CC9), Exit B Upon exiting, walk straight and you will see LLI on your right after passing Paya Lebar Square. East-West Line (EW8), Exit A Upon exiting, turn left and walk straight until you reach Paya Lebar Road.Then, turn right, walk straight and you will see LLI on your right, after passing Paya Lebar Square. Will there be any charges? The question should be, how valuable is this to you? At our meetups, you learn about your talents and how to develop them into strengths in a fun and conducive environment. In a typical session like this, you can easily expect to pay around $50-$100. However, because our meetup is special, there will be no fixed cost. A cash box will be placed at the corner of the room, where you can make some contributions for the printed materials, and value you have received. We will also be providing some drinks and snacks during the session. (What's a meetup without some food and drinks?) Time is of the essence To ensure that you can benefit fully from the meetup, please reach the venue at least 15mins before time so that we can get to know each other and settle in. We will complete our session in the room at 4pm, after which we can stay behind and have some deeper conversations together for another hour for those who are keen. This is also to provide those who need to leave at 4pm the opportunity to do so. So if you would like to stay and chat, do remember to set aside some time! What to bring? As with most of our meet-ups, please bring: 1. Your StrengthsFinder Reports 2. Writing Materials Agenda We are going to tap on our creatives sides as we do the Strengths Scavenger Hunt Activity! Come discover what your talent themes look like and how they show up in yourself and others. Be prepared to get even deeper insights into your StrengthsFinder Talent Themes, and see how it looks like for others. RSVPS As the group matures, I'd like to be able to hold some more advanced sessions where we skip all the introductions to strengths finders and the talent themes. For members to qualify for the advance sessions, they will need to have attended at least 3 of our meetup sessions. So if you are inviting friends, do get them to register and RSVP so that we can log their RSVPs in the system for the advanced sessions in future! The StrengthsFinder Singapore Network is a project supported by the LearnSG Seed Fund. *Note: RSVP is usually open 21 days before the event day, and is closed 1 day before at 10pm. Please update your RSVPs accordingly.

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What we're about

We are Singapore's first and largest StrengthsFinder Meetup Group. Come network and develop your talents with fellow StrengthsFinder enthusiasts in the Sunny Singapore. Gain a deeper appreciation for your own strengths. Grow stronger personally and professionally learning strengths-based strategies and techniques. Work smarter maximizing your talents by exchanging strengths tools and best practices.

Let's grow from talents to strengths, potential to performance!

Why Join The StrengthsFinder Singapore Network?

Most people are stuck with a weakness-fixing mindset, thinking that weakness-fixing leads to success. Unfortunately, while weakness-fixing can help prevent failure, it rarely leads to excellence. Excellence is a result of understanding and building upon your strengths.

Yet most people are unaware of what their strengths truly are, and cannot fully leverage on it.

Even people who have taken the StrengthsFinder Assessment are likely to be amazed by its accuracy, but not know what to do with the reports.

The StrengthsFinder Singapore Network is established for that reason - to build a community of strengths enthusiasts so that we can support each other's growth. This is truly a community like no other!

You are UNIQUE

We are so unique that we can be identified by what seems to be one of the most insignificant part of our bodies - our fingerprints. Yet when it comes to our unique personality and make-up, often times the education system attempts to put us through a pre-defined mold or an efficiently developed "manufacturing" process.

The education system has, fortunately, evolved over the years, and is now more aware of individual differences. In spite of advances in andragogy and pedagogy, the conventional mindset which focuses on fixing weaknesses is still extremely prevalent.

A Strengths-Based Approach to Development

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
~ Albert Einstein

The Conventional-approach to development focuses on fixing weaknesses, which often leads to frustration and low return-on-investment (ROI) for time and effort.

A strengths-based approach focuses on identifying and developing our individual strengths. And because it is focused on developing what comes naturally to you, learning is often easy if not effortless, and yield much better ROI.

We believe that everyone is unique, and the key is to leverage on your unique talents.

Benefits of the Strengths-Based Approach

Gallup Research shows that people who engage their strengths are

- 3x as likely to report an excellent quality of life
- 6x as likely to be engaged in their jobs

Organizations who adopt a Strengths-Based Approach see on average

- 12.5% increase in productivity

- 8.9% increase in profitability

- 14.9% decrease in turnover

About The Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 (

Gallup’s Clifton StrengthsFinder is an online measure of personal talent that identifies areas where an individual’s greatest potential for building strengths exists.

The 177-item pairs were based on the theory and research foundation associated with semi-structured personal interviews that had been used by Selection Research Incorporated and Gallup (Harter, Hayes, & Schmidt, 2004; Schmidt & Rader, 1999) for over 30 years. The measure, developed through rational and empirical processes, has been repeatedly subjected to psychometric examination.

By identifying one’s top themes of talent, the CSF provides a starting point in the identification of specific personal talents, and the related supporting materials help individuals discover how to build upon their talents to develop strengths within their roles.

The primary application of the CSF is as an evaluation that initiates a strengths-based development process in work and academic settings. As an omnibus assessment based on positive psychology, its main application has been in the work domain, but it has been used for understanding individuals and groups in a variety of settings — employee, executive team, student, family, and personal development.

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