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Designed to boost your business and heighten your happiness.

Achieve more in six months than in a whole year with clarity, purpose, strategies, consistent action and polishing your skills.

The Personal Power of Wealth Attraction & Wellbeing

Is this going to be your best year ever?

You still have time to hit the road running in 2014 and jumpstart your accelerated journey to achieving your goals, realizing your dreams, attracting abundance, and overcoming what's holding you up from reaching your maximum while enjoying a meaningful, deeply fulfilling life.

This is a powerful small group mastermind to support your commitment and self-accountability to succeed and enjoy life to the fullest organized by an experienced and skillful retired physician who has been interested in personal growth for many years and has a natural ability to inspire you to get things done while expanding your goals. He brings a vast experience and knowledge of how the human mind and spirit work. (He also hods an MBA).

Your next step is to join and meet on your introductory group or 1:1 'ignite your personal success' session for about 35 minutes or more, where you'll gain clarity, get answers to your questions and we can both determine if we're a good fit. Then continue with the monthly or weekly masterminds. And relevant. brief, important workshops offered from time to time.

The semi-structured format for the monthly group mastermind is simple yet powerful to keep you moving consistently toward your goals. With clarity, action and purpose. Test drive for yourself this surprisingly simple meetup that may produce remarkable results. You'll do the work; we'll work with you.

For your greater success & deeper happiness this year,


P.S. Let us make this mastermind a game changer!

P.S. S. After intro session continue with occasional attendance to informal relevant meetings, and with the no-commitment free monthly masterminds to keep us on track, or for some, the regular committed weekly masterminds. Either way, living a fulfilling, productive, meaningful, happy, healthy, loving conscious for enlightening relationships and an amazingly balanced life is what this is about! And overcoming inertia, lack of clarity or powerful personal mission, procrastination, self-limiting habits or lack of support as well. The power of transforming the world from within!

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