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Hello Players,

Welcome to the best pickup softball group in San Diego County!

We've been running our Sunday pickup games for over 7 years! Our group is a great place for men and women of all abilities to come enjoy great softball, friends, and occasionally a cold beer after.

If you are looking to join or start a north county league team, then THIS is the game for you! We have many league players and managers who are in attendance. Local teams are always on the hunt for new players & countless people have been connected with teams through our Sundayball games. If casual, non committal play is more your thing, then that's OK too!

Check out our message board to join league & tourney teams, locate new players, find out about local tournaments & sell your new or used softball gear.



WHO PLAYS: Men & Women of all skill levels & ages are invited to play. This pickup group regularly sees beginner players all the way to competitive tourney level players.

-COED games will be played on Sundays

RULES: We play modified ASA slow-pitch rules. Plate & mat strikezone w/ 6'-12' arc. No walks for all players and no strikeouts for the ladies! Come out to hit and improve your game.

FORMAT: We play two full 7 inning / 1 hour games.

PICKING TEAMS: Teams are picked at random by tossing gloves in a pile. There isn't any intimidating judgement of ability when it comes to selecting teams. We make sure that each team is even with girl to guy ratio.

COST: $1.00 per person for every Saturday or Sunday you attend. This helps pay for 3 brand new balls a week, our professional bases, the scoreboard, and the subscription charges for this meetup.com account. Bring exact change and NO COINS please! :)

RSVP POLICY: You must RSVP to play. If you don't RSVP to play, you will not have a spot at the game . To prevent attendances from being TOO big, RSVP's will now be capped at 28. If you RSVP, but can't make it, please cancel your RSVP right away so that someone else can play. Effective Jan 16th, 2011, you may not RSVP for guest's and +1's any longer.

NO SHOWS: If you consistently "no-show" to our group without canceling your RSVP, we will revoke your membership. It's not fair to the folks who wanted to play and didn't get to play because YOU were too lazy to cancel your RSVP! :) We will warn you beforehand.

WAITING LIST: After 30 RSVP's have been reached, that meetup/game is officially FULL. You may still RSVP "yes" for the game which will place you on a automated waiting list. If a person cancels their RSVP, the person at the top of the waiting list will automatically be bumped into the "yes/attending" category. The website will also notify you of your updated RSVP status via email.

EQUIPMENT: Metal cleats are OK for your first few times if that is all you own, but please try to get some plastic ones eventually. We bring professional grade bases every week, a big bucket of BP softballs , 4 brand new game balls, and a manual score board system as well. Please bring your own glove.

BATS: USSSA, ASA, NSA softball bats are all legal to use. No senior or shaved bats please (Ultra II's, Geezers, etc). Bats are always available to use, but we ask that you please show courtesy to the bat's owner and ask for permission before you swing it. Generally most players are fine with sharing and letting people try out their bats.

GAME LOCATIONS: We typically play at Brengle Terrace Park, Calavera Hills, Poinsettia Park, Kit Carson Park & Capistrano Park. The field for the week will be chosen based on availability.

GAME TIMES: Game times will usually start anywhere between 9:00am - 12:00pm. Start times are based on field availability.

WARM-UPS: We always arrive about 1 hour prior to game time. Anyone who wants to take batting practice is encouraged to arrive early. BP is first come first serve and fills up quick!

ALCOHOL: Carlsbad parks allow alcohol in cans. Oceanside does not. Be discreet.

ATTITUDE: No jerks or ego-maniacs please. You are not welcome to this game! This game will always maintain an environment where players all of all abilities can enjoy themselves and learn the game from more experienced players. It's how our founder learned to play and countless others.

FACEBOOK: WE HAVE ONE! Go like our page and stay in touch with our community. www.facebook.com/Sundayball

DONATIONS: We don't always break-even with the $1 fee people bring to the games. If you love this game and wanna help keep it running, feel free to make a donation. Bringing the host a cold beer is always nice too.

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Warmups/Batting Practice: 8:00am This portion of our meetup is optional. Come early if you want to get some cuts in and shag some balls! Game time: 9:00am | We'll be playing 2 promptly timed one-hour games. We're usually done by 11:15 am(ish). Please arrive ON TIME and ready to play by 9:00am. We start promptly at 9am! Cost: $1.00 Cash Money (No coins please!) The money covers 3 brand new Worth Hot Dot (ASA) softballs to use for the games, BP balls, our annual meetup.com group fees, and other misc expenses. RSVP notes: PLEASE make sure you RSVP to ensure your spot for the games. We are limiting the group to 30 total spots for every meetup. Also, make sure you are always willing to attend if you RSVP to join the waiting list. RSVPs can change last minute at times. If you are are still on the waiting list the night before a game, I would suggest checking your email the morning of the scheduled meetup. People change their RSVP over night at times (presumably after too many drinks! :). Guests: We don't allow guests anymore. If you want to bring someone, just have them sign up. There is no commitment required unless they RSVP! Higher membership numbers & recorded RSVPs mean more well attended meetups & it helps promote our groups longevity! Rain/Weather: If the event that weather seems questionable, Please check our meetup web page for updates. You may also text Matt for an update. [masked]

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