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Sign up now ( / Join us and experience the synergy between the mindfulness of our breathing and the flow of poses that awaken the innate intelligence of our bodies. Free your mind, Free your body. Looking forward to seeing you! ~ Ivan To receive our text alerts, register your mobile phone here: Join and like our FB community page: Visit us at Donations (Dana) All retreats and classes at Sunshine Meditation Center are run solely on a donation basis. Thus, Yoga and Vipassana Meditation are offered free from commercialism and with the intent to make them available to everyone. You may give a donation, small or large according to your means and volition. You donate not with the idea of paying for what you have received, but to give someone else the same opportunity in the future. Each center is financially autonomous and these donations are the only source of funding; there is no wealthy foundation or individual sponsoring the courses. Returning students may give a donation at any time. Looking forward to seeing you in one of our classes. May our practice be free of obstacles and full of Insights. May all beings achieve Nirvana! ~ Ivan Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Sunshine Meditation Center

11727 N Ola Ave · Tampa, FL

What we're about

In this group, we study the Buddha's earliest teachings as recorded in the Pali Canon. We practice samatha and vipassana (calming and insight) meditation and also study the teachings to understand how to apply them to our daily lives.

The monastery is led by monks ordained and trained in the oldest tradition of Buddhism still existing today, Theravada ( Our classes are conducted primarily by Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka. They provide spiritual and meditation guidance to the Tampa Bay community.

The Mahamevnawa Meditation Monastery Florida ( (Sunshine Meditation Center) (pronounced maha-may-oo-NA-va) is a branch of Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monasteries ( which was founded in Sri Lanka. The monastery’s sole purpose is to spread the original teachings of the Buddha. The monastery is a warm and welcoming place for everyone to investigate true happiness through Dhamma and meditation.

Cost: All activities at the monastery are completely free. However, you are welcome to make a donation to the monastery as you see fit. Theravada Buddhists practice the tradition of dana, which is a Pali (the language of the Buddha) word for generosity. The monastery runs solely on the generosity of the community.

Even though yoga does not belong to the Theravada tradition the monastery has provided the opportunity for people to practice due to the health benefits. The monastery has supplied the space to Ivan Castillo of Synergetic Yoga Academy for the last few years for the purpose of providing yoga to the Tampa Bay community. He has over 30 years of experience.

About the yoga classes:

Ivan’s Yoga Classes are inspired from traditional Hatha Yoga and Classical Yoga. It is called Synergetic Yoga because it creates a synergy between mindfulness, breathing and a flow of yoga poses that awakens the innate intelligence of our bodies which free us at every level. Free your mind, Free your body. Open to all levels.

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