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This meetup is intended to coordinate local history activity in Surrey. It will promote existing groups and organise events of its own.

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DLHG's JUNE talk: Clandon Park

Crossways Community Baptist Church

June Davey will tell us about the fire, its aftermath and the future for the Park and beyond. All are welcome. Non members fee is £2 per person; free to members. Refreshments available before the talk.

The Dambusters: 75th Anniversary talk by Dr Robert Owen

St Lawrence C of E Church

Talk by Dr Robert Owen, the official historian of Squadron 617 AKA "The Dambusters", Marking the 75th Anniversary of the sinking of the Tirpitz by the Dambusters. Talk starts 7:30. No charge, simply a retiring collection. MAybe go for a drink & discussion afterwards?

Scuttling of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow after WW1 (Talk)

Talk by Tim Stoneman, who was in the Navy for 35 years, and is now a Naval historian and battlefield guide, about one of the strangest events of the First World War, when, on 21 June 1919, the German Admiral in charge of the impounded fleet ordered that all its ships be sunk to avoid then being handed over to the Allies. Entry is £3. Tea & biscuits available I have a lot of interest in this as both my grandfathers served in the NAvy during WW1, and at least one of them spent a lot of time at Scapa Flow For more on the scuttling, please see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scuttling_of_the_German_fleet_at_Scapa_Flow

Georgian Baths and Bathing Practices

Letherhead Institute

Queen Elizabeth the First famously had a bath once a year, whether or not she needed it. By the Georgian era, advances in ceramics and the delivery of clean(ish) water allowed at least the better-off classes to be more fastidious in their bathing, leading to such innovations as the spa industry in towns such as Epsom, Bath and Leamington Spa. However, just as today, this new health fad could also be used as a cover for more licentious activities. Ian Betts, a ceramics expert at Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) will describe his recent research into this subject. This is the monthly meeting of the Leatherhead Local History Society. Non-members are welcome. Members and guests pay £2 on the door.

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Using Lidar in archaeological investigations

Letherhead Institute

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