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We are fun group of people who share a love of casual bike rides on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville. The bike ride starts off at the Swamp Rabbit Café. During the cooler months, the ride starts at 10am and continues up to Travelers Rest for lunch and back to the starting point. During the warmer months, the ride starts at 9am and goes up to Travelers Rest and then we turn around and head back to the starting point for lunch (or downtown Greenville for lunch and ride back to the starting point). See the event postings for exact times and lunch for that ride. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a paved former railroad bed, which makes for relatively smooth riding with no steep hills. If you like relaxing bike rides in a beautiful setting, Swamp Rabbit Casual Riders is for you! The plan is to have weekly rides weather permitting.

Rules for this meetup group...

• Minimum age for this group will be 16 years old.

• The group maintains a 9-13 mph pace roughly so you have an idea how we ride. Everyone rides at their own pace that they are comfortable with.

• Nobody is left behind.

• In case of cancellation or non-cancellation, it is the responsibility of the member to decide for themselves if the weather will or will not be a factor.

• Helmets must be worn for safety reasons.

• Please make sure your bicycle is in good working order (this means tires pumped, seat adjusted, chain lubed, working brakes, etc.)

• Everyone that agrees to ride with this group rides at their own risk and is responsible for their own safety.

• Swamp Rabbit Casual Riders accepts no responsibility for its members or their guest’s safety or actions.

• Members are welcome to bring guests. Please include guests when accepting invitation to ride.

• Rides start promptly at stated times. If you’re late, you’re welcome to catch up with us. We make several stops along the way.

Past events (340)

Ride to Furman and Back, Lunch TBD

Needs a location

Ride to Furman and Back, Lunch TBD

Needs a location

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