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Welcome Harry Potter Fans!

We are HP-NYC, "The Group That Shall Not be Named". And Harry Potter isn't over till we say its over.

We are the largest HP fan club in the world with over 4000 members. Our members span every type of person possible but we are united in our love of these books.

We meet regularly on the 1st Thursday of every month and have special events almost every month. If you are looking for a way to meet new friends and forge new relationships in this huge city of ours, then you've come to the right place.

Our Events

We have a wide range of events and activities that are as diverse as the interests of our members. We strive to provide an experience that allows you to indulge in your talents and creativity while having a tremendously fun time.

Some of our events include:

- Trivia Nights

- Board Game Nights

- Movie Screenings

- HP Themed Crafting

- Fan Fiction Readings

- Cosplay Photoshoots

- Wizard Rock Shows

- Convention Presentations and Appearances

- In Costume Ice Skating



Our main sponsor is Jordan Dené (http://www.jordandene.com/) - Maker of kitchen armor, outfitter of crayon soldiers.

Jordan Dené is a matchmaker of sorts, first introducing and later marrying practicality and pop culture. Pennsylvania-bred and Brooklyn-based, Jordan specializes in creating aprons with geek-chic graphic designs and creative curios like the best-selling crayon bandolier (as seen in Real Simple’s holiday gift guide).

Although initially sewing was solely supposed to be a creative outlet, thanks in part to Etsy’s enthusiastic crafting community, Jordan’s hobby quickly turned into a wonderfully hectic small business.

Jordan’s products are crafted with individual care and are fashionable, functional and 100 percent customizable. With handcrafted items like the ever-popular TARDIS aprons, golden snitch necklaces and canvas bags embroidered with whichever Hogwarts House suits your fancy, Jordan’s shop has everything to fit your niche needs.

Upcoming events (3)

February Meetup - Discussion Series: 'Stop blowing holes in my ship!'

UNO Pizzeria & Grill

"'Stop blowing holes in my ship!'
Relationships, platonic, romantic, familial, and otherwise are a huge topic of examination and fascination in fandom, and Harry Potter offers up a lot of content to explore. February's meetup will be a discussion on the relationships of the Wizarding World.

Led by Emily Kastner. Emily is a therapist currently helping connect NYC employees to mental health and substance abuse care. She is a dedicated member of TGTSNBN, and enjoys leading lively discussion groups such as this one.

Our monthly Meetups are almost always free to attend. At most of our regular monthly Meetups we run a raffle with amazing Harry Potter related prizes! Participating in these raffles is one way to help us keep hosting magical events. These help fund our operating costs as well as supplies like prizes, crafting materials and more.

We also have a GoFundMe and we are trying to raise monthly to cover a years worth of operating costs so we can plan bigger and better events. Please check it out here!


LIVE (online) HARRY POTTER Movies Trivia! Fundraiser- Welcome to Hogwarts!

This is a sponsored event post brought to you by the trivia organizers @ Friends from Bayside and Beyond (https://www.meetup.com/hangout-in-queens). We thought this might be of interest to TGTSNBN members =)

Details below (original event page https://www.meetup.com/hangout-in-queens/events/283247382/):
Prepay required at : https://www.socialevents123.com/event-details.aspx?id=10105

A portion of ticket sales will be donated to groups helping front line workers with meals/support/ animal shelters/food pantries and other..

Limited Number: Save $$ by using the discount code: VIRTUAL

You can attend via a computer & Webcam or Smartphone/Ipad/Tablet.

In this crazy Coronavirus world, many of us are feeling isolated and need to socialize. We created Online Harry Potter Movies trivia event to allow you to do just that, in a fun safe environment.

The in person Harry Potter Movie events are some of our most popular and well attended meetups. Now we have developed a system where you can enjoy this event from the comfort and safety from your own home.


This completely online event will be LIVE and you will be able to see and hear the other participants while playing. In addition you get to meet and interact with other participants.

At game time, your host will read off Harry Potter Movies questions. Your goal is to come up with the right answer to each question and write it down on your paper. Once the round is over (about 6 questions), we will go through the answers and determine who had the highest score for the round. They will get a raffle ticket for a chance to win a prize at the end of the event.

We will have multiple rounds of play and have a system to also virtually introduce you to other participants.


After you purchase your ticket, you will get a confirmation with the zoom link for you to use to log in.


Cost: $11.99- $20 depending on how early you register.

Prepay required at : https://www.socialevents123.com/event-details.aspx?id=10105

Limited Number: Save $$ by using the discount code: VIRTUAL

HP-NYC Presents: The Wizard Retreat Weekend!

Guest House Retreat Center

***To purchase your registration and learn more visit:
The Wizard Retreat Weekend (WRW) is a magic-filled, all inclusive retreat designed to celebrate the community and connections of Harry Potter fans. Limited to approximately 100 guests, this intimate experience will provide you with a chance to connect, create and party with your fellow witches and wizards.

Originally planned for 2021, COVID required us to push this event forward a year. Thanks to the wonderful proprietors of the Guest House Retreat Center in Chester Connecticut, who allowed us to reschedule. We have had an extra year to prepare.

Over the 3 days and 2 nights of WRW you will experience workshops, classes, games and more and at night the parties happen with our special guests. Our Master of Ceremonies Lawrence Neals and musical guest Valentine Wolfe!

I can certainly imagine you have many questions. We will answer a few here and then you can visit the event website at wizardretreatweekend.com!

The WRW is not like many of the previous events you have attended. The definition of a retreat is a place of privacy or safety. We are creating a magical haven for one special weekend. Where we can leave the muggle world and focus on our magic. Think of this as your wizard family getaway!

The venue is a charming, historic retreat and conference center in the Connecticut River Valley and we have exclusive use of the entire center! It is surrounded by 17 wooded acres adjacent to the 16,000 acre Cockaponset State Forest.

The WRW is all inclusive. What this means is that our registration fee includes 2 night accommodation, 6 fully catered meals, and snacks and beverages available nearly 24/7. All of our programming and special events are including (though some workshops might have materials fees). Meals will be served in their absolutely stunning dining hall and the Guest House is able to accommodate for nearly every dietary requirement.

And in appreciation for those of you who read this whole e-mail. We have a special promotion. The first 25 people who register for the Wizard Retreat Weekend, either in full or via our payment plan. Will receive a special gift package at their arrival to the Guest House Retreat. This will include a WRW beverage tumbler, a carry bag and more!

For more information including pricing, registration, and travel info make sure to visit


and to learn more about our special guests!


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Wizards on Ice! Costumed Ice Skating at Prospect Park

LeFrak Center at Lakeside

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