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Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps - Sci Fi and Fantasy Concert!
UPDATE: 9/20/18 - THEY ARE ENCOURAGING ALL GUESTS TO WEAR COSTUMES! I encourage all of our members to wear HP cosplay so we can arrive and sit together as one big HP group! If you can, arrive at the theater at 6:30pm so we can all gather and enter together! There is also an official FB event page now: UPDATE 9/12/18 - THIS IS A FREE PERFORMANCE!!! 100% free! As far as we know, there is no ticketing involved. It will be first come, first seated. Until capacity has been reached. -- You may not know that along with being amazing co-organizers, dyAnne and Deanna are also members of the Lesbian and Gay Big Apple Corps (along with several more of our members). They perform with the corp in parades and special events throughout the United States. LGBAC has an upcoming concert that is very relevant to our interests. Where all of the music will be from famous science fiction and fantasy movie scores, including of course, Harry Potter. The date, time and location are all confirmed. Hope to see you there!

Auditorium of the Queens Museum of Art

Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens, NY 11368 · Queens, NY


What we're about

Welcome Harry Potter Fans!

We are HP-NYC, "The Group That Shall Not be Named". And Harry Potter isn't over till we say its over.

We are the largest HP fan club in the world with over 2000 members. Our members span every type of person possible but we are united in our love of these books.

We meet regularly on the 1st Thursday of every month and have special events almost every month. If you are looking for a way to meet new friends and forge new relationships in this huge city of ours, then you've come to the right place.

Our Events

We have a wide range of events and activities that are as diverse as the interests of our members. We strive to provide an experience that allows you to indulge in your talents and creativity while having a tremendously fun time.

Some of our events include:

- Trivia Nights

- Board Game Nights

- Movie Screenings

- HP Themed Crafting

- Fan Fiction Readings

- Cosplay Photoshoots

- Wizard Rock Shows

- Convention Presentations and Appearances

- In Costume Ice Skating


Our main sponsor is Jordan Dené ( - Maker of kitchen armor, outfitter of crayon soldiers.

Jordan Dené is a matchmaker of sorts, first introducing and later marrying practicality and pop culture. Pennsylvania-bred and Brooklyn-based, Jordan specializes in creating aprons with geek-chic graphic designs and creative curios like the best-selling crayon bandolier (as seen in Real Simple’s holiday gift guide).

Although initially sewing was solely supposed to be a creative outlet, thanks in part to Etsy’s enthusiastic crafting community, Jordan’s hobby quickly turned into a wonderfully hectic small business.

Jordan’s products are crafted with individual care and are fashionable, functional and 100 percent customizable. With handcrafted items like the ever-popular TARDIS aprons, golden snitch necklaces and canvas bags embroidered with whichever Hogwarts House suits your fancy, Jordan’s shop has everything to fit your niche needs.

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