• Awesome Con 2023!!

    Walter E. Washington Convention Center

    We are thrilled to be returning to Awesome Con!

    Awesome Con is an amazing multi-genre convention in Washington DC. It is personally one of my favorite conventions.

    We will be there with our info table and Great Hall photo op helping to promote TGTSNBN and the Harry Potter fandom.

    Will we see you there? RSVP and let us know!

  • Pride Month Stitch and Witch!

    Bryant Park

    Bring your latest fiber arts project to the park and spend some relaxing time with your fellow crafty witches, wizards, and wixen.

    Working on any Pride related projects? Bring them along and we'll have a show and tell!

    This is a social gathering so no need to worry about skill level or what kind of craft you are working on. (Knitting! Crochet! Sewing! Cross-stitch! Embroidery! Needlepoint!)

    Feel free to bring a boxed dinner / snack or perhaps pick something up at one of the many venues in or around Bryant Park.

    As we get closer to the event we will provide more details as to what section of the park we will be in and how to find us.

  • July Monthly Meetup - Coloring Night!

    UNO Pizzeria & Grill

    Lets have a chill, fun, and creative evening coloring various Harry Potter and Fantasy themed coloring pages.

    We will supply coloring sheets, markers and crayons. But please feel free to bring your own! We also HAPPILY accept donations of art supplies to use at future events!

    Our monthly Meetups are almost always free to attend. We do collect donations during each monthly Meetup (or sometimes hold a raffle). This helps fund our operating costs as well as supplies like prizes, crafting materials and more. Raffle tickets are

    1 Ticket for $2
    3 Tickets for $5
    20 Tickets for $20

    We are able to accept cash, charge and Venmo.
    We also have a donation link available via Pledge!

    Please do not let this discourage you from attending if you cannot contribute, it is only a request, not a requirement. Thank you for your support!

  • TGTSNBN Presents Urban Wizards Book Club #2: The House in the Cerulean Sea

    Urban Wizards Social Club has grown beyond its roots as fans of the Wizarding World. We’ve always been fans of fantasy and science fiction literature, and it’s time to expand our horizons as a group and dive into other, more inclusive fandoms.

    We will be running 4-month “units” to explore specific genres, themes, and areas of lore in depth. Months 1-4 will be “Wizards at School” …see what we did there? What makes each wizarding world unique? What are the “rules” its wizards must abide by?

    Our next book: The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune. Linus Baker works for the highly bureaucratic (and deeply flawed) Department in Charge Of Magical Youth (DICOMY), evaluating the orphanages and schools that house magical children. When he’s called to evaluate the students at Marsyas Island Orphanage, he is surprised by what he finds there and it changes him in the most profound ways.

  • A Very Potter Picnic - Liberty State Park NJ

    Liberty State Park

    Join us for a picnic in the park! We reserved a picnic area at Liberty State Park in NJ. Which is easier to get to than you think!

    We are going to post much more details. But here are some important points:

    1. Along with traditional methods of reaching the park (car, light rail, PATH). There is a ferry that goes from the south of Manhattan directly to a dock by the park grounds. We will meet as a group at this ferry for anyone who wants to travel that way.

    2. The ferry cost is $10 each way.

    3. The picnic will be BYOF (bring your own food). You are welcome to bring food to grill on the grills we will have reserved. We will have grilling tools, charcoal, tin foil, etc. We will also provide paper plates and plastic cutlery. We will do our best to keep meat separate but we don't know how easy that will be.

    4. We will create a list for people to post what food they want to bring to share as a group. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO DO THIS. We just want to create the list so people don't bring too much. This way if someone says they are bringing chips, someone else might bring something else.

    5. We will be bringing various picnic friendly games. If there is something you would like to bring let us know in the comments!

    6. We are actively looking for people with cars who can volunteer to bring supplies to the event. Please message me (Jon) if this is something you can help with.

    7. Even if you are driving in, the parking lot is near the picnic ground but not next to it. We recommend bringing a cart or wagon to bring your stuff to the picnic area.

    - Time we will group up at the ferry and board
    - Start time and end time of the picnic

  • Afternoon Tea at The Cauldron NYC

    The Cauldron


    The Cauldron NYC has a wonderful interactive Afternoon Tea experience that we thought would be a perfect way to celebrate a new semester starting at Hogwarts.


    The Wizard Afternoon Tea includes:
    1. Magic Wand and Equipment Rental
    2. Two interactive teas that you brew
    3. A scone and a curated selection of sandwitches and desserts

    The interactive experience runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes and The Cauldron has vegan and vegetarian options available for a small added fee.

    We are collecting the ticket fee so that we can book the reservation as one group. This ensures that we are seated together. There is an attendee cap of 12. If we get more than that we can look into getting their group package. But for now we are going to be booking standard seating.

    The tickets are $65 and this includes the full fee plus taxes and processing.

    If you need a Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-Free option, which has a $3 added fee, let us know in the RSVP and we’ll collect the difference later

    COSPLAY IS STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!! Let's all attend this tea wearing our Wizarding World best! And if everyone is up for it we can take some photos in the area which is one of the oldest parts of Downtown Manhattan. With cobblestone streets and historic brownstones.

    The RSVP and payment deadline is August 1st (Meetup only lets me set August 12th, but we are closing it on August 1st). To ensure that we have time to lock in our reservation.