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The Inconceivably Nerdy Young Adults of Columbus, Ohio (TINYACO, pronounced "Tiny Eck-o") is a group for young adults who are nerds, geeks, and quite possibly dorks. We like Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Big Bang Theory, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Monty Python, Princess Bride, Twilight Zone, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Neil Gaiman, superhero movies, comic books, LEGO video games, puns, pirates, ninjas, zombies, and maybe even vampires.

This is a group of people who want to hang out with other people who like some (or possibly all) of these things too. We'll hang out. We'll eat, we'll see movies, we'll go try new things. But the most important thing is to get a bunch of people together who like imaginative, crazy, fun things. And no one will ever have to start a sentence with any sort of apology for being a nerd - because if you're a nerd, we need you.

We organize at least a meetup a month. We'll go see movies, play laser tag, go to Dave and Buster's, check out the Renaissance fair, go to the planetarium, have a picnic, and loads of other things that pop into my head or the heads of the other fantastic group organizers.

Things We Do (or Will Do):

Baseball games

COSI After Dark (and sometimes before dark)

Dickens Village

Dinners . . . lots and lots of dinners

Laser tag

Shakespeare in the Park

The zoo

Meetup Ideas and Becoming an Organizer

If you have an idea for a meetup, I'd love to hear about it! If it's something happening on a specific date that you would be interested in attending - and possibly even organizing, please suggest a meetup. Otherwise, if it's something you think other people might be interested in doing that doesn't need to happen on a specific date, start a discussion about it or email me. If your idea is something that members of the group would be interested in, I will do my best to make it happen. I'm always looking for organizers to help out as well, so let me know if you'd be interested in being an organizer!

TINYACO Membership Policies

And here's the part where I have to be firm. TINYACO was created with the sole intent of gathering together people who like "nerdy" things so that they can be around other people who share similar interests. And there are a lot of nerdy things to be interested in (see above for examples). I don't expect every member to understand or appreciate every nerd interest around; however, I do expect all ACOs to be respectful of each other. I'm going to be very protective of my group; anyone who harasses, bullies, or in any way disrespects or threatens the safety or comfort of another member of the group, either at an event or online, will be banned from TINYACO.

TINYACO and Drinking

If you don't drink, don't worry. Like your nerd interests, your drinking habits (or lack thereof) will be respected. Honestly, if you don't drink, it means I don't have to worry about you, so thank you. You can stop reading now. For those of you who do drink . . .

TINYACO is a social group for adults 21 and older, so yes, we drink, we socialize, we occasionally break out into song and dance. Please don't ruin it by being irresponsible. The TINYACO Executive Team wants everyone to have a good time and be safe, so please, practice safe drinking.

TINYACO Membership Dues

Meetup charges almost $200 a year to host a group – that can make quite a dent for one person to pay. We also try to do other fun events, like the TINYACO annual picnic and Halloween parties (or a random prom, because we’re awesome like that). But there are costs for doing things like that – renting the space, food, decorations, and all that fun stuff. And that’s why we have to ask for membership dues. It’s only $5 a year, but it goes a long way.

For new members, there is a trial period where you can attend an event or two before you pay. We don’t think it’s fair to ask you for money when you don’t know how awesome we are. When you do pay your dues, you get a fancy, official name tag.

Also, if you host events regularly and help run the group, we don’t ask you for membership dues. You’re helping us make the group active and fun, so it’s our little way of saying thank you. Please, please, if you have an idea for an event and are willing to host, suggest it. We need more leaders in the group to bring everyone together. If you set the event up, people will come.

We aren’t trying to make a profit, I promise. We just want to make the group self-sustaining so that there is always a TINYACO for you to come to.

~Kevin, TINYACO President

~Kristen, TINYACO Founder

*Video is for entertainment purposes only. We are not directly associated with Star Wars (though we'd be honored to be in a movie), and there is no formal interview process for group membership.

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