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Getting tired of travelling to over-trodden destinations to squeeze with other tourists?

Want to experience the connection with like-minded people who favours the extraordinary and exotic adventures?

Dream of lying under the twinkling night skies after hiking up with newly-made supportive friends waiting for the sun to rise?

Well, you've come to the right place! A warm welcome from the TRAVEL, LEISURE and CARE (TLC) Team!

We're an active fun-loving group who loves to Travel and enjoy various Leisure activities from hiking, singing, cycling, taking nature walks, trekking, mountain climbing, listening to good music, enjoying high tea, coffee, desserts etc. Anything basically!

Enjoy the Care you've never experienced before on our adventures not only from our tour leader but from your fellow adventurers as well! We're truly the family you never knew you had!

Be it up among the clouds at Everest Base Camp, or underwater among whale sharks in the Philippines, or even up close and personal with the lions of the African safaris; challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone with TLC now!

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Woodlands MRT Station (NS9)

(Please note that this is a 6 IN 1 Event covering the Heritage, History, Forests, Nature Trails, Parks, Scenic lookouts to Malaysia and not just the Marsiling Tunnel/ Bunkers only.)

Hidden in a small hill in Marsiling, a short distance from the old Railway Track connecting Singapore and Malaya, there lies a secret tunnel system that most Singaporeans are unaware of.

Accidentally discovered a few years back, the mystery of what these tunnels were, had intrigued many of us, and spun a host of reasons and speculation what these hidden tunnels were then used for.

As such, in view of the many requests from you members, we will organize this adventure and revisit some of these hidden, lost and forgotten places again. However as always, our adventure does not start and end only at these tunnels as there are unknown trails, rivers, swamps and other interesting sites that we will be bring you to on this 3hr adventure.

Having hiked and explored some of these places during the good old days when they used to be old kampongs and fishing villages in the early 60's & 70's, these 3 towns namely Admiralty, Woodlands & Marsiling has since gone through much changes and transformation. For this specially tailored adventure hike, we'll take you through mangrove forest, rivers, PCN as well as through boardwalks, wooded areas, forested trails and you'll also get to enjoy a breathtaking panoramic sea view of the JB City skyline across the Causeway.

To join us, you must have a spirit of adventure, not afraid of the dark, be fit and healthy and able to walk at least 12 km comfortably. You must be willing to 'step out from your comfort zone' ready to explore something new and different.

"Very scenic and interesting trail that had everything - streams, forest, lovely lookout points, flowers, gardens, bridges, mangroves, fishing spots, boardwalks etc. So much more than the one I did with another Meetup group. Highly recommended for those seeking fun, adventure and unusual places." Cindy

So if you think this is you and you're ready to do this with a group of like-minded, fun-loving friends and adventurers, go ahead and RSVP now.





Limited to 20 pax

Cost: $20 Only! (RSVP closes once all slots are filled or at the discretion of the Organizer)



1. RSVP & Transfer $20 now to :


A) PAYNOW to UEN:[masked]Z or

B) Thro ATM/Online to:

TLC DBS Current Acct:[masked]

2. Once you've transferred, WhatsApp David (Hp. [masked]) your proof of payment. (IMPT: INDICATE YOUR MEETUP NAME AND THIS EVENT ie. TUNNEL HIKE)


Another Awesome Adventure Hike by TLC ADVENTURE TOURS PTE LTD! Specially for those who love challenges! (TA License: 02896).

Note: Safety Grouping of 8 applies. We'll WhatsApp the latest Phase 3 safety measures & guidelines to all confirmed pax. All participants are to observe and adhere to these safe-distancing measures.

** Old Balestier Heritage/ Nature Walk & Food Trail! **

Discover Singapore! (With STB Approved Tour Permit)

Hi members, come join us as we share and take you all on a scenic 2 in 1 Nature Walk as well as a nostalgic Balestier Heritage Walk & Food trail through the beautiful gardens of Toa Payoh > Balestier > Whampoa > Boon Keng to explore the sights & sounds, their rich history and the origins of these 3 historic places dating back as early as 1835.

This morning's scenic nature walk from the old Toa Payoh Town lily-ponds & gardens to Balestier's lovely architectural landmarks and pre-war shop houses takes you through the architectural and cultural developments these places went through over time to give them their unique charm it holds today. We will also catch a glimpse of some of these heritage places eg. a rickshaw pullers water kiosk, Dr Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, an old traditional bakery, the former Malay films Shaw Studios, coffee-making trade etc reminisce of the 60's still around.

If some of the images below have sparked a thirst for some nice photo-shots or historical immersion in you, join us on this nostalgic 7 km Toa Payoh - Balestier - Boon Keng Heritage & Food Trail for you to see, smell, hear, taste and experience it all!

Of course, how can we do this Balestier Heritage Walk without stopping to try some 'mouth-watering' delicacies and food in Balestier; the famous Whampoa Market & Bendemeer Food Centre! Yes ... We walk. We shoot. We eat!

Do come with a good pair of walking shoes as we'll be walking through some of these lovely heritage sites, old buildings in Balestier, take some nice photos as well as enjoy a nice stroll along the Kallang River PCN ending at Boon Keng Mrt.

"A very interesting walk that captures the essence of the nostalgic 60's & 70s. Been to Balestier before but never knew about the rich history & heritage of these old places. Food-lovers and those who love taking photos of old forgotten sites will love this tour!" Elsie Tan


Event Details:

Only 13 Slots Available! (2 sub-groups of 8 pax per group)
(All members must adhere to Phase 2 Safe-distancing guidelines which will be sent to all confirmed pax before the event)

Cost: $20 ONLY! *For Public & non-TLC members, our usual tour price is $85 p/pax (Min 5 pax).

Note: As we need to keep the group size manageable, slots shall be allocated on a "First to Transfer, First to Confirm" basis and not on your RSVP. We will close RSVP once all slots are filled.


1. RSVP NOW & Transfer $20 Only to :


A) PAYNOW to UEN:[masked]Z or

B) Thro ATM/Online to:

TLC DBS Current Acct:[masked]

3. Once you've transferred, WhatsApp David (Hp. [masked]) your proof of payment. (IMPT: INDICATE YOUR MEETUP NAME AND EVENT ie. SOUTHERN ISLANDS)


Event Host:

David Lim -[masked]
Jo Hong -[masked]


Come join us for this 3 part hike as we take you on a walk down memory lane tracing the history of the symbolic and significant pipeline from Malaysia to Singapore that has oftentimes been the talk and sometimes 'hot topic' between our two countries.

This historic 90-year-old Central Pipeline Reserve running from Gunung Pulai in Johor to the Old Woodlands Causeway to Chinatown was used to convey water all the way to Pearl Hill Reservoir serving our metropolis city centre.

To make this hike interesting and come alive, we'll be showing you many historic buildings, pre-war shophouses, old towns, black & white colonial houses and heritage places alongside this pipeline trail. (See Photos below)

We'll be tracing this pipeline in 3 parts to enjoy the history, heritage and scenic places from our bustling city centre ie. from South to North all the way to the Woodlands Causeway.

Part 1 of this historic pipeline trail will start from our colorful Chinatown Heritage Centre to Queenstown where I'll be showing you the food, sights & sounds of this vibrant areas including the beautiful street art & murals along the way depicting the life and times of life in Singapore during those good old days.

As we slowly follow the trail, we'll also show you the historic site of the majestic Pearl Hill 'fortress' unknown to many though as well as the symbolic place where our well known forefather figure of Mr Tan Tock Seng was laid to rest.

We will also walk down the historic Singapore River for some beautiful Instagram photos with it's many beautiful bridges where I will also share with you a little about their significance and history.

And of course, I'll also be bringing you to the picturesque arch pipeline that everyone is talking about as shown on the photo above as well as those pipelines that are still visible.

Do note that this is my own specially tailored trail for Part 1, pretty scenic with rivers, flowers, hidden bunkers, canals, scenic lookouts etc. adding a little history and heritage here & there based on my knowledge and memory having walked these old places some 40 - 50 years ago to add color to our hike unlike the original pipeline trail.

Also please note that this Part 1 Pipeline Trail is best done in the evening for that beautiful sunset glow on your photos as well as to enjoy the cool evening breeze and the breathtaking view of the Southern Islands at the end of this Part 1 hike.

So if you're ready to find out more about our water history and and the sights & sounds of the beautiful heritage places along the route, you'll need to RSVP now.

*This hike will be led by our Organizer with more than 45 years experience walking through these heritage sites and old places.


Event Details:

Limited to 16 pax (2 Separate Groups of 8 pax excluding Event Hosts)

This is a "First to Transfer, First to Confirm" Event. RSVP closes once all slots have been taken.



1. RSVP NOW & Transfer $20 to :


A) PAYNOW to UEN:[masked]Z or

B) Thro ATM/ Online to:

TLC DBS Current Acct:[masked]

3. Once you've transferred, WhatsApp David (Hp. [masked]) your proof of payment. (IMPT: INDICATE YOUR MEETUP NAME AND EVENT ie. Pipeline Walk 1)


Note: All participants are to leave their Hp No. when they RSVP so that we can send you the details as well as for safety-grouping & contact-tracing purposes

(All members are to adhere to Phase 3 Safe-distancing guidelines which will be sent to all confirmed pax once RSVP closes)

Once your slot is confirmed, there shall be no refund although replacement may be considered not later than 24 hours before the event.


Canberra MRT Station

Back by popular demand! Especially for those who needs to burn the extra calories after all the festivities or wish to have a nice relaxing time exploring the beautiful slow laidback old kampong lifestyle, rivers & countryside. And this time round we're doing it in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze and sunset.

Sparkling Rivers, Canals, Hidden Trails, Tunnel, Bunkers, Secret Beaches, Blue Skies, Peaceful Parks & ... of course - Hot-Spring!

Yes, this is our very own quaint Kampong Sembawang!

Join us to explore the peaceful, serene side of this kampong you may not have seen before while enjoying the nostalgic years with fun-loving TLC buddies and the best of nature!

Cos this time round, we're gonna explore some hidden trails, kampongs, bunkers, tunnel and unknown spots not known to many of us, even the locals there and discover the history behind some of these old places.

The hike will take us through some picturesque nature trails, lovely canals, streams, old factories, temples, secret beaches, the Old Sembawang Park and to the Hot-spring ending at Chong Pang Market/ Food Centre.

It will be done at a leisure to brisk pace with opportunities for photo-taking of the flowers, birds, butterflies, rivers, sea, sandy beaches etc.

A fun activity you may like to do at the end of this walk/ hike at the Hot-Spring is to bring some eggs and see if you can do a half-boiled, hard-boiled or onsen egg!

And of course, after the walk some of you would love to dip your foot at the foot-bath there to relax those tired leg muscles.

After soothing those muscles, let's take a short walk to Chong Pang Hawker Centre for drinks/dessert or a nice meal and check out the nice old hawker delicacies there.

Event Details:

Total distance : 8 km (you may leave the group earlier if you decide not to go to the Hot-Springs. Add 4 km more if you intend to continue to walk to the Hot-spring or a better idea suggested by members is to share a GRAB taxi there costing just $2 each)

Ideal Group size: 16 TLC members ( 2 small groups of 8 each excluding Hosts).

(All participants are to adhere to the Phase 3 Guidelines on outdoor group activities and must not have more than 7 other friends in their group. Group will have staggered timing to meet at different meeting points. Your Organizer/ Group leader will WhatsApp you the info/ details)

(Note: As suggested by many of you, we will now collect a small token fee of $10 - $20 as a small gesture in appreciation of our Event Hosts time, sacrifices & their expenses in hosting these events. Also, this will help filter out those who habitually RSVP but do not show up on that day. This small appreciation will also give our genuine, sincere members who are able to think "win-win" a chance to get a slot and participate in this event)

Cost: $20 Only!

RSVP closes once all slots are filled or at the discretion of the Organizer.



1. RSVP & Transfer $20 now to :


A) PAYNOW to UEN:[masked]Z or

B) Thro ATM/Online to:

TLC DBS Current Acct:[masked]

2. Once you've transferred, WhatsApp David (Hp. [masked]) your proof of payment. (IMPT: INDICATE YOUR MEETUP NAME AND THIS EVENT ie. HOT-SPRING)


What to wear and bring?

* Comfortable hiking/ walking shoes
* Sufficient water for the morning walk
* Sun-hat, caps, umbrellas, raincoat etc
* Sunblock, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses etc
* Light dri-fit T-shirts
* Camera, phones to take pictures etc
* Your HPB Steps Trekker to hit yr 10K
* Your charms & smiles

Event Host/s:

David Lim - Hp:[masked]
Jo Hong -[masked]

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