ASP.NET Core Application Development Study Group (sprint 2 of 4)


During the months of Feb and March, TRINUG is going to host a special 4 meeting series. Every other Wednesday a group of volunteers will lead us through content outlined on the MSPress book “ASP.NET Core Application Development".

Participants should have worked through the related chapters of the book prior to each meeting. The meeting content will provide a basic overview and we'll discuss additional information building on what is covered in the book. Each meeting will be followed by an hour of hack time to work through examples from the meeting and explore.

The book is available from MS Press (, Amazon (, Google Play (, and others.

Notes and sample code for series:

Pre-reqs for hack time:

If you want to experiment w/ Docker (e.g. containers), the easiest option is to have Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise with the Anniversary update and then download from: Be aware it enables Hyper-V virtualization, so if you have VirtualBox, VMWare already enabled, you should disable those first.

Another option is to install Linux in a VM and then install Docker into that VM. I've tried Ubuntu.


• Feb 1: Kickoff, Sprint 1 with focus on chapters 3 (MVC), 5(Builds), 6 (Deployment)

• Feb 15: Sprint 2 - Chapters 8 (cross platform), 9 (containers), 10 (EF Core), 12 (Config/logging)

• Mar 1: Sprint 3 - Chapters 13 (Identity/security), 14 (Dependency Injection), 16 (Dependency Management), Optionally 18 (Caching)

• Mar 15: Sprint 4 - Chapters 19 (Reusable Components), 20 (Testing), 21 (Extensibility) Optionally 24 (Organizing the code)