Computational Geometry and GIS in C#: Lidar and Terrain Modelling


I will show work I have been doing over the last few years in my spare time to represent terrain in C#, load it from Lidar ("Light Radar"), and output it to a Wavefront Object. We will spend some time deep-diving on free data sources, data structures, optimization choices, and looking at some beautiful terrain in a 3D viewer. Question and answer time will be extended and free-wheeling. I will also give a brief overview of the GIS program at NC State in case anyone is interested is tooling up on GIS to advance your career.

Paul has worked as a Civil Engineer (in Roadway Design) and as a software developer for a major CAD company. Being laid off from a Roadway Design company was the best thing that ever happened to him, so he got a Master's in Geographic Information Science at NC State, graduating in 2019. He loves developing new ideas in modeling the world in a box and implementing those ideas in code, so he is now a Ph D student in Forestry and Environmental Resources at NC State.