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Take The Rock Veterans Swim Challenge is a combined swim training and event aimed at people who have served in any branch of the U.S. military and their family members. (No Experience Necessary!) The organizers are veterans and our goal is to help you prepare and successfully swim from Alcatraz Island to the beach in San Francisco, a distance of approximately 1.3 miles.

We have had nine annual Alcatraz swims to date, with over 340 participants. Participants have hailed from California, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, New York, Alaska and Australia. We especially welcome and support disabled veterans. We are prepared to work with novice swimmers, amputees and paraplegics to develop new swimming techniques and have enjoyed great success in doing so.

The coaching and Alcatraz swim are offered Free to participants, thanks to our volunteers and financial supporters. (We are a registered 5013c org and accept donations!) Alcatraz swimmers must Qualify by demonstrating to our Head Coach the necessary skill and endurance to earn a place on the transport boat. Participating in our San Francisco practice sessions is highly recommended.

Check the calendar for coaching sessions and locations.

In order to join this group you must:

**fill out the questionnaire using your real first and last name,

**use a photo of yourself in your human form.


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This is the provisional date for TTR X, (Take The Rock # Ten) subject to adjustment. This is a free event for members of the US veteran and currently serving community as well as their relatives. Prospective Rock Stars must satisfactorily complete the qualification requirements as determined by the TTR officials. Priority will be given to swimmers who participate and complete our open water training program. Prospective out of state swimmers must contact Earle for special instructions.

If you wish to receive email regarding the 2022 Alcatraz swim event please touch "RSVP."

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