Design Systems - Benefits, Drawbacks & the Future of Design

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It’s 2019 and design systems have changed the way we design and build applications. They have evolved into quintessential guides for teams and organizations and have become increasingly popular with companies such as AirBnb, Microsoft, and Salesforce even selling their own design system for other businesses to use.

Join Tech in Motion SF at our panel discussion where we will have design system experts talk about both the benefits and drawbacks of design systems. Do they enable you to be more creative or do they eliminate the creative process? What goes into developing and maintaining a successful design system? We will also be diving into the future of design systems and how they will effect designers' roles. Come together as we learn all about how local designers and developers are creating design systems to help them with their design process!

Joe Preston | Design Leader | Intuit

Lauren LoPrete | Design Lead - Design Systems | Expedia (

Shawn Cheris | Director of Experience Design | Adobe

Jon Kerwin | Product Designer | Thumbtack

Kaelig Deloumeau-Prigent | UX Development Manager on Polaris | Shopify