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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are poised for rapid growth and Tech in Motion Boston is excited to showcase companies that are revolutionizing this sector of the tech industry! Join us Thursday, July 28th at Fragomen's Headquarters for our classic Demos & Drinks event - Immersive Tech edition! There is no formal agenda for this event - attendees arrive, grab a bite, drink, and interact with the various companies showcasing their products and technology (appetizers and drinks provided).


Demo Companies:

Audio Fusion (

Sam Fisher is an aspiring audio guru always looking for challenges to enhance his experience in respect to sound. Sam founded Audio Fusion right out of college (Full Sail University) where he studied audio engineering. Seeking to empower the audio education experience, Sam taught himself programming and began working on the Virtual Analog Studio (VAS) project. VAS is a software simulation of a classic analog recording studio. It started out as a 2D software. Now it is a fully immersive 3D experience for Virtual Reality. Users are instantly dropped into a dream recording studio to engage and learn about the environment similarly used by professionals during the recording process.

Boston360video (

Started by founders Mike Quan and Robert "Bob" Hughes, Boston360video is a digital media agency focusing on 360 degree content solutions. They are a small team based in Kendall Square, Cambridge with big ambitions. Boston360video seeks to innovate in the virtual world to synthesize better solutions for today's problems.

Cyclops (

Cyclops is an MIT spinout that makes video conferencing more productive. It uses machine vision, speech recognition and A.I. to enhance and automate tasks within video conference sessions. The first application is a whiteboard enhancer that digitally cleans up any writing surface in the video stream, so that remote teams can collaborate and brainstorm easily around a physical whiteboard. The company is founded by MIT alums who have had deep experience in computer vision and machine learning.

Digital-Den (

Digital Den creates applications and exhibits that celebrate the past, promote innovation in the present and explore the future of immersive digital experiences. We also host events so that you can enjoy our fun applications and exhibits firsthand at a variety of venues.

Eagre Games (

Eagre Games is a small Central Maine-based game company founded in 2013 by former Myst co-creator Chuck Carter, developing non-violent, beautifully immersive, story-driven games. They are currently working on ZED, an adventure puzzle game set inside the dreams of a dying man.

Infinite Stores (

Scott Evernden has been building all sorts of 3D stores and shopping worlds on the web for the last 10 years. His latest project is Infinite Stores - a new VR shopping experience made for people who enjoy shopping as entertainment. Intuitive browser-based tools allow Etsy sellers to easily design and visually merchandise products in their own 3D shops and boutiques. Shoppers can immersively explore and discover unique and hand-made items in vast flea market, mall, and bazaar worlds via the latest in VR HMD technology.

VR Motion Labs (

VR is a game changer for race and flight simulation. VR Motion Labs is pursuing the dream of adding precise motion to the VR race simulation experience. Come meet Robert Moore, Founder and Chief Engineer of VR Motion Labs. He'll be presenting our first working 2DOF motion control platform prototype (P1) running a sophisticated race simulation. You'll have a chance to drive a high performance race car on any number of the worlds greatest race tracks with the Oculus Rift and you'll swear you are in the race! SCCA pro racing license required (only kidding).

Rendever (

Rendever is building a virtual reality platform to provide an immersive form of stimulation to improve patient care and experience in senior living facilities, reducing the significant downstream healthcare costs related comorbid illnesses caused by depression and cognitive decline. Rendever’s platform can take residents across the globe for immersive travel experiences, reduce stress and anxiety and connect residents with friends and family, decreasing the negative effects of isolation and depression and the ancillary medical issues that come with them.


Wayfair offers a zillion things home and soon our products can be seen in a new dimension using augmented and virtual reality. The team at Wayfair Next is building the home visualization and customization tools of the future.

Affectiva (

Affectiva an MIT Media Lab spin-off, brings emotional intelligence to the digital world. Our industry leading, patented technology measures and analyzes facial expressions of emotion in real time. Over 1,400 brands, including Unilever, Kellogg's MARS and CBS, use Affectiva's technology to understand consumer emotional engagement with digital content. Affectiva's technology is also applied to emotion-enable digital apps and experiences to become more interactive and responsive to our emotional state.


Event Partners and Sponsors:

As always we would like to thank our sponsors Fragomen, Workbridge Associates and Jobspring Partners for sponsoring this month’s event. Interested in sponsoring a Tech in Motion event? Click Here! (

Fragomen (

For decades, Fragomen has helped technology companies—ranging from start-ups to the world’s leading technology corporations—to create and maintain world-class immigration programs. We have grown alongside technology companies as they evolve from just the spark of an idea to creating advanced industry solutions, and from working within a single office to managing expansive global operations. With immigration programs that maximize both the talents of gifted technology professionals and innovative immigration strategies, we help our technology industry clients remain both relevant and dynamic in their market space.

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