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Upcoming events (2)

Fighting the Climate Crisis: Sustainable Tech Innovations

Network event

63 attendees from 14 groups hosting

Link visible for attendees

Sustainability has been at the forefront of technical innovation for decades. However, as emissions, plastic and chemical pollution, climate changes, and supply chain demands continue to increase, the pressure to make radical change continues to rise year after year. As climate-focused funding grows at an unprecedented rate and government backed plans like the Inflation Reduction Act are passed, many are speculating that conditions are right for climate tech to emerge as the innovative leader in tackling our top sustainability crises.

Join us on April 6th at 11am PST/ 2pm EST as we meet with some of the top innovators and leaders in sustainability to discuss how innovations in sustainable tech are helping to tackle our current climate crisis.

Discussion Topics:

  • The top sustainability and climate crises in 2023
  • Industry resiliency among current challenges
  • New innovations and current impact
  • Social sustainability in a challenging economy and inclusive climate action
  • Tech talent opportunities in sustainability

Product Innovation in Times of Economic Uncertainty

Network event

5 attendees from 14 groups hosting

Link visible for attendees

Whatever your take on today’s economy, one thing is clear: business as usual just doesn’t work anymore. With rising interest rates and the highest inflation in over 40 years, few experts seem able to agree on how the US economy will respond. Because of this, product teams are left somewhat floundering – if no one knows how the market will respond, how do you produce what the market will want? One thing is for sure, building digital products is not easy and must remain a top priority for all businesses and industries.

How do we process the flood of media reports, mass layoffs, and keep product development going? Our industry experts will lead us through a discussion on how recent market shifts have led to huge disruptions, and how leading teams are adapting to stay competitive and innovating during times of economic uncertainty.

Discussion Topics:

  • Common roadblocks to product innovation
  • Updating legacy delivery behavior for today’s framework
  • What is product culture and how it’s changing the way we innovate
  • How product roadmaps are determined and how to engage in the GTM cycle
  • Remaining value-centric and focused on customers’ needs
  • The uncertain economy’s impact on product funding
  • How teams are staying nimble while working with less

Past events (116)

Carving Your Path as a Woman in Technology

This event has passed