Smart Cities & Urban Innovation: Demos & Drinks


During this Smart Cities & Urban Innovation: Demos and Drinks, we will showcase the innovative tech transforming the lives of citizens in Boston. Bring a friend, enjoy a drink, and get an inside look into the products and services further connecting Boston and leading the movement for better, safer, and smarter cities.

RSVP now and join Tech in Motion Boston on Wednesday, May 15th at PTC's new, connected office space in the Seaport. This event will provide quality networking opportunities and give you a chance to meet some great local technologists and entrepreneurs from the area.



Beta Blocks:

Cambridge Mobile Telematics:






The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics is the City of Boston's civic R&D team. We work alongside city departments, usually in partnership with external organizations, to undertake interesting projects that are just outside of a "usual" city service. One example is Boston’s Safest Driver, a smartphone app developed in partnership with The City of Boston's Vision Zero Task Force, The Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) and Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT). The app provides feedback to drivers on five metrics for each trip they take: rapid acceleration, harsh braking, sharp turns, at-risk speeding, and phone distraction. Instead of a typical safety campaign that tells people how to behave, this allows people to reflect on their own skills, challenge their friends, and be rewarded for doing well. You can learn more about and download the app at


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