TensorFlow and Deep Learning : First Event

This is a past event

220 people went


Our first event is planned to follow hot-on-the-heels of the TensorFlow Summit in Mountain View, and we'll have three talks to cover the range of experience that we hope will attend :

1. Building your first models : Sam will present a crash course into TensorFlow and how to construct models quickly using either raw TensorFlow or a wrapper like Keras.

2. So that you don't have to stay up through the night to watch the 2017 TensorFlow Summit in real-time, we'll summarize the major announcements and developments for you.

3. We'll round things out with an "aiming higher" talk, in which Martin will explore something closer to the academic 'cutting edge' using models built in TensorFlow - using either raw TensorFlow, Keras or one of the (many) sugaring libraries.

We'll also do a bit of 'show-of-hands' just to understand what people are interested in seeing and/or presenting.

Because this is a "TensorFlow Summit" related event, Google has generously offered to sponsor some food - so expect pizza (unless there are compelling suggestions in the comments below).