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TensorFlow and Deep Learning: 4th Event : Text

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Finally! Having spent 3 months with images, now we can talk about text, which we know interests a lot of people in Singapore.

We expect to have 2-3 'long format' talks, which cover the basics of Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Deep Learning techniques (such as Word Embeddings, RNNs, possibly seq2seq models, etc).

And, as always, we're actively look for more speakers - both '30 minutes long-form', and lightning talks where we welcome folks to come up and talk about something cool they've done with TensorFlow and/or Deep Learning for 5-10mins (if you have slides, then #max=10).

The key for the Lightning Talks slot is simply the cool/interesting factor. It doesn't matter whether you're an expert or and enthusiastic beginner: Given the responses we have had, we're sure there are lots of people who would be interested to hear what you've been playing with. Please suggest yourself here :

We've put the MeetUp start time at 6:45pm, so that we can start the talks promptly at 7pm.