A.I. Day - Research : Prototyping : Production


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This event is aimed at an intermediate to advanced level and is for people who have already been working on Deep Learning.

For the first time in Singapore, we will have 4 Google Developer Experts in Machine Learning and 3 speakers from Google Brain all on the same platform.

Speakers & Talks will include

"TensorFlow Lite: On-Device ML and the Model Optimization Toolkit" - Jason Zaman - Light

Machine Learning at the edge is important for everything from user privacy to battery consumption. This talk will give an overview of the different strategies to optimize models for on-device inference: pruning, integer quantization with the model optimization toolkit. Then there will be a demo of all these techniques together to run a model on an EdgeTPU.

Jason is the community lead for TensorFlow SIG-Build and an ML-GDE. He works as a machine learning engineer at Light doing computational photography in mobile cameras. Along with speaking regularly, he is also active in Open Source as a Gentoo Linux developer and maintainer of the SELinux Project.

"Which image should we show? Neural Linear Bandit for Image Selection" - Sirinart Tangruamsub - Agoda

Sirinart is a data scientist at Agoda. Before joining Agoda, she was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Goettingen. She has extensive experience in the fields of computer vision and natural language processing at various startups and corporates. Her current areas of interests include personalization and recommendation systems.

"XLNet - The Latest in language models" - Martin Andrews - Red Dragon AI

Martin is a Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning based in Singapore - and was doing Neural Networks before the last AI winter... He's an active contributor in the Singapore data science community and is the co-host of the Singapore TensorFlow and Deep Learning MeetUp (with now with 3700+ members in Singapore).

"Deep Learning on Graphs for Conversational AI" Sam Witteveen - Red Dragon AI

Sam is a Google Developer Expert for Machine Learning and is a co-founder of Red Dragon AI a deep tech company based in Singapore. He has extensive experience in startups and mobile applications and is helping developers and companies create smarter applications with machine learning. Sam is especially passionate about Deep Learning and AI in the fields of Natural Language and Conversational Agents and regularly shares his knowledge at events and trainings across the world, as well as being the co-organiser of the Singapore TensorFlow and Deep Learning group.

"Swift for TensorFlow" - Paige Bailey - Google Brain

"TFX and TF Ranking" - Robert Crowe - Google Brain

We also have other talks that we are adding over the next few days

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence is accelerating all over the world in all types of industries and businesses. With pioneers such as Andrew Ng describing AI as the "new electricity", we are seeing a great deal of discussion around what AI can do and how this "new electricity" really works.

In this one day conference, we will have a variety of experts showing some of the latest and greatest technology that is being used in developing and creating real-world AI products. It's one thing to see people talk about the emergence of these technologies and another to see industry experts break down how some of these products are being made with tips and tricks of the trade.

All the speakers are first-hand practitioners working in the field rather than marketing and sales people.

Speaker's Topics will include:

- Latest info on TensorFlow 2.0

- Building recommendation systems that serve millions of people daily

- Prototyping a Deep Learning product

- Researching with a view to developing AI Products

- Building ML Pipelines with TFX

The event is supported by Red Dragon AI & Google