What we're about

We are a local community of technologists who are interested in advancing their knowledge of TensorFlow, its use cases and applications.

If you are interested in TensorFlow and Deep Learning and their applications
in real world problems, of if you just want to start with these technologies
but you don't know how, join our group.

Help us increase the community, share knowledge, and enjoy a regular dose of human interaction, smiles and conversations on all things TensorFlow.

If you're interested in giving a presentation at our group please contact the organizers. We are always on the lookout for people that want to share their knowledge and experience with other group members.

Upcoming events (3)

Maths for AI: Part III : Statistics

Online event

Last session in the 3-part series of "Maths for AI" is "Statistics".

by Yogesh Kulkarni (https://www.linkedin.com/in/yogeshkulkarni/)

Venue: Google Meet meet.google.com/mmf-pudx-yjm

Prerequisites: College Mathematics

Addressing Data Scarcity In Your AI Journey

Online event

A lot of AI/ML ideas, in very early stages, face significant roadblocks due to Data Scarcity, i.e., no data or low data availability. Even if the data is available, there is a lack of labeled data. The talk aims to discuss multiple possible solutions to data scarcity issues and build "good enough" AI/ML solutions before gathering more data.

A visual exploration of Basic Math behind MultiVariate Gaussian.

Pattern recognition, till date, lies at the heart of almost all Machine Learning endeavours with varied applications coupled in Signal processing, Information retrieval, computer graphics etc. Feature Engineering in ML and parameter estimation ( weights and biases) in DL still remain the central tasks. MultiVariate Gaussians distribution is a powerful tool which can be utilized effectively in Non-parametric model building and analysis. This talk intends to throw light on the basic building blocks of the same.

Prerequisites : "Maths4AI" series topics

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Maths for AI: Part II : Linear Algebra

Online event

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