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Stalkers in the Night: A WWII Crossover Chronicle (Full Game!)

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Hello everyone!

I'm Matt, and I'm a new member of Noumena, but an experienced RPGer that grew up playing oWoD, and eventually moved on into various other systems. Now however, I've recently picked up the nWoD core book, plus the new Vampire, Werewolf, and Mage books, so I'm super interested in playing to get myself back into the setting. However, since there seems to be not that many campaigns happening at the moment that suit my tastes, I've decided to give Storytelling a shot. While I've GMed for other games before, this will be my first time for nWoD, or for a Storyteller system in general, so please bear with me while I learn my way around the lore and the system!

Some info on my personal GM style: I usually play hard and fast with the rules (if it's awesome and realistic, I'll give you a chance to succeed), do NOT have lots of straight combat (though that can change depending on my players), HAVE lots of exploration, sneaking around, puzzles, diplomacy, and other various things, HAVE lots of homebrewed lore, and most of all I am NOT a huge stickler to rules so expect me to stray from the books lots and often, especially after the first couple of sessions.

Now, onto some fun stuff! Some info on the campaign:

It is January 1939, with the Second World War simmering beneath the surface of the continent of Europe, and you and a few other people have been on the run from the Nazi regime for the last 5 years for either being supporters of the old Weimar Republic or another crime against the Third Reich. Because of this, each of you have joined a newly formed cell of the Widerstand (German Resistance) in Berlin. Though the Widerstand is scattered and is not a united resistance movement, joining one of the decentralized cells was your best option of survival, especially concerning Hitler's obsession with the occult coupled with the widespread rumors of dark happenings across Germany.

Erzherzog (The Arch Duke) Alexander vonundzu (lord of) Luxembourg - for simplicity's sake he shall be known as Alexander - is the former Arch Duke of Luxembourg and he has recruited you into his cell of the Widerstand. You are now an agent in his employment and are working against the Nazi regime.

We currently have 2 players with a 3rd and 4th possibly joining. There is room for 5 players total, so let me know if interested!

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