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Cthulhu: Modern Sept 1 3:30 -

This Meetup is past

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This game filled up. I could not figure out how to delete the post so I made rsvp setting = 1. I will post future games earlier for this group



You are a motley crew of ghost busters, that have been hired to prove, or disprove the existence of paranormal activity in a local Mansion.

Modern time period. This is a modified (simplified) brp system. -no experience needed- Pregens will be given out. This will be a one shot.

- Mechanical Genius: can Build anything, but do the contraption work? a non believer in the occult,
- ghost buster swindler: all about making money on fake ghosts. Shady, and has deals with everybody
- Ghost buster passionate: obsessed with the other world, sees ghost, at least she/he thinks so . has exotic equipment
-Cut throat Reporter: has an army of twitter follower, and is making a you tube video... will do anything for the story
- Soda Machine re-filler: mentally disable we think. has visions of the future and can float his vision through wall .... sometimes

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