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Details "The violence between criminal syndicates in Everett and Snohomish counties continues to escalate, reaching unprecedented heights this week, resulting in what now can only be described as open warfare.

"Beginning with the shockingly brutal public murder of acclaimed horticulturalist James Camurati, now believed to have ties to organized crime, by a shaman brazenly declaring "COYOTE DID THIS!"; the street carnage has claimed the lives of scores of bystanders and seen dozens of buildings destroyed.

"In the wake of the widespread property destruction, corporate holdings throughout the affected region have abandoned contracts with Lone Star Security Services; who have been unable to control the situation. Knight Errant has been quick to step in and exploit Lone Star's failure, negotiating terms and quickly moving to begin pacifying the area.

"Knight Errant, who replaced Lone Star as the Seattle Metroplex's law enforcement agency immediately following Governor Brackhaven's inauguration earlier this year, has quickly consolidated private obligations throughout the city and, with these recent deals, now provides security for 93% of the metroplex. KE SWAT teams have already begun raiding criminal dens and sources within the firm are confident of a quick resolution.

"Leading the initiative is Captain Terrence Fritzhue, who credits preparation and natural police work as Knight Errant's greatest assets,

"We have not only the capability to win on the ground but extensive investigative files on the criminal activities of the organizations involved. We'll prosecute solid cases and take down the individuals responsible, not just their soldiers on the streets. Old fashioned, honest police work."

"Spokesmen for Lone Star Security Services declined to comment."

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