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Prelude - Story thus far

It is year 2050, a late summer day. Our heroes, while on their way back to New York City from their respective missions, Aozora, a female cyborg mercenary, 666, a female ghost hacker (/model ?), Stubs, a cyborg opportunist (as far as shooting people), and Turing, a famed member of a religious movement, stop by Delawanna, the friendliest town, to rest for the night. All seems well in this western themed town, everybody's friendly and helpful.

Late that night, Aozora and 666 noticed strange clicking sounds and woke to check the ground to discover the son of Arlen Kampf, a fellow traveling businessman who specialized in producing "real food", was wondering about. 666 further more discovered that something seems to be off, and ran a self diagnostic test, with no conclusion, other than there seems to be something that does not align well in her body.

In the morning, Arlen frantically trying to search for the mission child, while the town deputy listened half halfheartedly, making empty promises about the low crime rate, and happiness of the town, and that nothing could possibly happened to the kid. Arlen, in frustration, seeks out the help from our heroes, whom agreed to help all due to their own reasons.

Turing used his Bionic eyes to found the deputy is not showing any emotion, then Arlen seems to all of the sudden calmed down, and speak out that the boy must have been pickup by his mom, and all is good. Arlen thanked our group and wondered off in the same direction the boy had traveled.

The group still is determine to seek the boy. Turing tried to use his fame to rally the people's emotion has no avail, while the rest of the group discovered the town's air system has some overlay grate that they can easily passed through.

As groups (minus Turing) going through the air piped, Stubs starts to hear voices in his head that beckoning him to get closer, where everything will be better. Following the sound, the group (minus Turing) reach a fancy imperial room, where they met Issac Dering, the Builder.

The Builder tries to assimilate the rest of the group. 666 defiles, mechanical tentacles shot out to grab at 666. The group (minus Turing) engaged in combat with the Builder, and deputy (who appears out of nowhere). 666 revert back into her true DigiForm, infiltrated the Builder's domain and hacking from inside, while Aozora and Stubs shows off their incredible marksmanship on the Builder and deputy.

At first, nothing seems to hurt the Builder, but after much effort, the facade breaks, reveals a body looking liked Issac, plug-in to a Mach that is connected to the wall, Issac weakly said "help me".

Meanwhile, Turing decide to give himself over to the Builder so that he can be led to him with, and the child. The Builder leads Turing to the fight, where Turing burst in, praying to the alter and the greatness of the Builder, and how he seeks the Builder's past.

Stubs, felt the new threat fired upon Turing.

Turing stumbled but hold strong, speaks out further praise to the Builder, trying to attract his attention.

The Builder, after a moment's rest, starting to power up again, ready to resume further action.

What action will he takes, what will become of our heroes, what of the child ...

find out more, when Cyberpunk continues