What we're about

Our mission is to build a strong community of software testing professionals, where they can connect, learn, discuss and grow while promoting the value of practical approaches to testing.

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Join us on Slack for discussions and updates: https://join.slack.com/t/australiantesters/shared_invite/zt-o1y2z2ra-ttyoZowPTg38TgLNARIDMQ

---About Us---

Welcome to Test Engineering Alliance Meetup, which aims to provide a collaborative, friendly environment where you are encouraged to learn, exchange ideas, discuss and network with other testing & technology professionals.

We hope and we aim to improve the level of testing competency by promoting practical value-adding practices over less effective yet popular practices.

This community will grow with you, so we invite you to join us, participate and help us build a great testing community in your city.

We hold monthly networking meetups and talks, along with organizing training events and conferences.

Past events (63)

Getting started with writing automation for APIs: Live coding session

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How To Transition Careers: Tips from an Expert Panel

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Giving and Receiving Actionable Feedback

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How to deliver bad news to stakeholders? A lesson in using the PIPOW framework

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