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Parcel 104 Santa Clara Marriott
I am hoping that the hotel will be decorated for Christmas! Below is a link to the menu: WAITLIST - Because there is now a fee to sign-up for the dinners, the Waitlist feature is no longer available. Thus, I've created a separate Waitlist. If you'd like to be added, please let me know. I am sorry for the inconvenience as I am aware that this makes things a bit overly complicated, not what I like, but it became necessary due to the large number of individuals signing up and canceling late. * Policy update 6/9/18. After a considerable amount of thought, I've decided to make a couple of changes to the 6th of the month dinner group. It is my hope that these changes will reduce the length of the Waitlist and allow for a more intimate dining experience. The attendee limit will vary and the fee to RSVP is $5. If you attend, I will return your fee. If you do not attend, for whatever reason, the $5 will go towards my annual organizer fee via Meetup. No refunds. Beginning October 6, 2016 and revised as of August 6, 2017. Each member will have three (3) lives, get-out-of-jail free, passes, strikes (however you wish to frame it). A member will lose a pass for each "no show" or same day cancellation. Once the member uses his or her three (3) passes, he or she will be permanently removed from the group.

Parcel 104

2700 Mission College Boulevard · Santa Clara, CA


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This is an opportunity to try different restaurants throughout the Bay Area. We will meet on the 6th of every month at 6:00 PM and limit to 6 people (with growth potential).

Since I like to mix-things-up and keep it fresh, whenever the 6th falls on a Friday, we go ethnic, Saturdays are a progressive meal and will usually begin around 4:00 pm ish and Sundays are reserved for the City.

The geographic areas could be in the Peninsula, South Bay, or maybe the East Bay-essentially whatever comes up on my radar is a possibility. The venues and the cost will be diverse as well from pubs, to local favorites, to fine-dining, to new grills or breweries.

Please don't be discouraged by the Waitlist; there is always a Waitlist and many people drop-off the last week so give us a try. We do have a core group, but we love new people and we are very warm and welcoming.

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