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Women know a great deal, and are being called like never before to show up and be seen and heard with their messages, gifts, and full embodiment of their authentic selves. However, many are struggling & frustrated with their level of confidence, their personal presence. They are confused about their magnetism, and about their defense mechanisms(habits) that they've unconsciously developed to feel safe, but that may actually be decreasing their personal presence, or even worse, repelling others. Many women also have a heart longing for a deeply passionate and spiritual relationship. But due to career, trauma and abuse, & societal conditioning, we've been cut off from the most Nourishing, Magnetic, Deeply Rooted, Receptive, Intuitive, Mysterious, Healthy, Passionate, Joyful part of ourselves, --the part of ourselves needed to attract these things into our lives. It's time to reconnect. Come home, sisters...you are safe and loved here...

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