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The Bay Area Clojure User Group SF Meetup

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Funding Circle US

747 Front St., 4th floor · San Francisco, CA

How to find us

Please dial 4 on the intercom and push the green button to be let in. You will be greeted and directed to the main kitchen for the meetup. If for any reason you are unable to get in, please call me 925.393.9113, Ag.

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As usual, we’ll start with mingling over food and drinks, follow with presentations, and wrap up with Q&A.

Food and drinks provided.
Fun and Profit: Reid McKenzie

Datalog is a logic programming language, best known for its use in logic database work and a long academic tradition. You’ve probably heard of Datalog because of Datomic, but have you tried to build a Datalog yourself? We’ll take a quick look at the theory of the relational calculus, what it takes to build a Datalog (it isn’t much!) and a quick peak at a somewhat efficient Datalog I’ve been developing; Shelving

Reid `arrdem` McKenzie is a software engineer at Funding Circle working on performance, reliability and tooling for core Clojure applications.
Large nested JSON with spec, a comedy of errors: Avi Flax

I will walk through a some data modeling I did recently with spec, wherein I needed to specify a large nested data structure that had been originally created for use in JSON or YAML. I will show a few different challenges I encountered and the various approaches I tried, and stimulating discussion will ensue!

Avi Flax is an engineer at Funding Circle based in White Plains, New York. He’s worked with many programming systems including ColdFusion, Python, Java, Ruby, and Go. Clojure has been his favorite since he learned it just over six years ago, and he’s super-excited about spec, since he loves data modeling, dynamic languages, and generative/property testing.