Songwriting Workshop


Songwriters Workshop 12/08/2016

As always, open to everyone all skill levels, instruments, and genres. Everyone will be welcome and encourage to perform an original song of their choice, weekly prompts only meant to be helpful to those who'd like a creative boost.

Prompt for December: Holiday/Seasonal Song - contribute your own musings to the long tradition of holiday and winter seasonal songs. Feel free to be celebratory or cynical, whatever inspires you most during these cold winter months.

Workshop format

Greetings and Introductions - 15 minutes

Discussion topic -

Niche/Novelty genres, value and appeal, favorites and least favorites, successes and pitfalls. - 30 minutes

Performance and discussion - All who wish to perform are welcome to, sign up sheet passed around at the beginning - 5 minutes to perform and then 5 minutes for group to discuss and critique. ~1 hour

Discuss Next week ~ 15 minutes

Prompt for January: The gift of song - write a song as a gift or ode to someone special. This could be a friend, family member, love interest, or even celebrity/public figure present or past. Additionally, who could write the song to a fictional or hypothetical character.
Tips: You can use their name if it's effective, or cleverly disguise the identity by including whichever personal details create the best narrative and leave the listener to guess.

Start by thinking of the message you'd want to convey to them, then work backwards to deliver quirks and events as metaphors and themes.