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Have you been hungering for helpful feedback about a novella or novel (of any genre) that you have begun writing, have completed, or are on the nth revision of? Please come to this meeting of the Book Length Fiction Workshop. Because we're looking at longer works, we may form a somewhat close-knit group of ongoing participants while remaining open to new people joining as well.

After this first meeting, we'll meet on alternate Wednesday evenings, 6:30-8:30. We're interested in fiction anywhere in Orson Scott Card's MICE Quotient, meaning your book doesn't have to be a romantic or popular style novel. It might be fantasy, noir, horror, science fiction, humor, or whatever. Not interested in reading some of those? We'll focus on how to read, analyze, and provide helpful feedback to our fellow authors even if we “have never read” and are “not interested in” their genre.

Why? Because by improving our ability to read and recognize good writing, we'll spot features of our own writing that we can improve. A key goal will be to develop our ability to provide intelligent and valuable feedback to each other (and thus learn how to write more powerfully ourselves).

At this initial meeting, we'll decide on which of several different approaches we'll take. We might take turns reading 30,000 word sections of each other's books. We might break into reading subgroups to be able to get to each writer sooner. We might decide to read entire books for each workshop, perhaps spaced out more. We might focus sequentially on specific craft elements of our own writing; for example, openings, pacing, scene, character, etc. We will sometimes offer an educational element about craft elements, and workshop members can research and present some of them.

When you sign up for this workshop, please email host [masked] because often I'll write a detailed welcome note on the MeetUp message system and when I send it, it says 'This person does not accept messages'. If more than 12 people respond to this formative meeting, we'll welcome everyone on the waitlist to join us. All skill levels are welcome. Respect for each other is a must.

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Leader: Dick Matheson