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At the Churchill Club, we believe that emerging technology has the power to shape the future for the better. By promoting discussion around emerging tech and bringing people together, we are positioned to help businesses and individuals innovate and drive growth in their industries.

We’re committed to helping industries seeking to understand and implement emerging technologies to solve problems, as well as supporting the creators of emerging technologies to develop solution that industry want.

A collection of like-minded, curious professionals, we come together to contribute, learn and develop within the emerging tech space. We’re focused on collaborating and making the most of these potentially industry-shifting technologies of the future.

We value and appreciate people from all industries and all walks of life ­­­­– seeking to support each other by combining our respective skillsets in an open forum.

We facilitate events and discussions with the industry thought leaders – and we invite you to join us the conversation.

Past speakers include founders and executives of major companies such as Sausage Software founder Steve Outrim, Hitwise Founder Adrian Giles, Founder of Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brooks, Chief Inventor of REA Group Nigel Dalton, GM of Big Data Analytics at Telstra Mark Moloney, Executive Director of Research for Melbourne Health Professor Ingrid Winship, Chief Executive of The Clean Energy Council Kane Thornton, CEO of ITS Australia Susan Harris, and more.


10 May – The best of both worlds: How Mixed Reality applications can help industry
14 June – Robotics
19 July – Chinese Social Channels for Business
16 August – Latest on Payments Platforms
6 September – Top Tech Trends Debate Dinner (official Digital Innovation Festival event)
11 October - Connected Vehicles & Smart Roads
15 November - TBA
6 December - TBA

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