OWAL - Older Women in Alternative Lifestyles


Our modern society places a lot of emphasis on outer beauty, youth, material contribution and success in the world, and often discounts the unfathomable gifts that women over 50 possess and give. Ironically, women over 50 often discount themselves as they get older. They discount themselves because they think that age will affect their ability to have the life they want.

Join us in a circle of women that want to help each other as we age in alternative lifestyles. Unlike many of our counterparts, most of us are still determined to live active, sexual, fun lives. Let’s transform those ageist beliefs that don’t serve us anymore (e.g. you’re not attractive enough, you’re too old to start a new career or start a new relationship, you’re too old to make fun a priority, etc)

Let’s gather in a safe space where we can share our fears and triumphs in getting older with these changing bodies, and empower each other on our journeys through the passage of time. Let’s become confident ambassadors of our own lives with the help of those that have gone through the same issues, or will be going through them in the near future.

**This group is intended for those that identify as women.

** There is no age restriction but the group dynamic is focused on those of us that are 50 and over.

We will be open to discussing all subjects around aging and alternative lifestyles: kinky, power exchange, swinging, poly, etc.

Looking for a similar group for those that identify as male? Many people are; contact me if you'd like to get one started. *

*The Space is an adult facility for those over 19.
*The Space is an alcohol/substance free facility.

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