MP&C - Guilty Pleasures Stage Show’s Skills Share - Fire


Tonight will be a Guilty Pleasures Stage Show’s Skills Night - Fire

On the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show’s Skills Night, the crew of Guilty Pleasures will be on hand to focus on a topic related to the work of the show. From flogging to fire play, crew members will be on hand to show or practice skills. These nights will also be a great opportunity to learn about the crew and even participate in one of their open meetings.

Important information:
$2 per attendee donation - MP&C provides accessible alternative lifestyle education and peer to peer instruction every Wednesday at The Columbus Space. All collected class fees and donations made on the behalf of attendees are 100% passed on to the The Space to support their efforts that provide our community a place to gather, learn, and express ourselves. (Suggested total donation of $5 a person.)

Space membership does not apply since MP&C is an independent organization and not affiliated with the Space.

Waivers are required to be signed upon entry. NO EXCEPTIONS!

You MUST present a state issued ID at the time of entry. It will be validated against the signed waiver. Doors to The Space open at 7:30 p.m. for attendees. No access will be given prior to that time. The class presentation will begin at 8 p.m. after event announcements. Peer to peer instruction will begin after the class presentation, approximately 9 p.m. lasting until 10:30 p.m. The presenter may be available for questions and further instruction, depending on the topic. Guilty Pleasures crew members will also be on hand for practice in various “hard skills", such as flogging, fire play, electric play, etc.

General rules:
Class is open to persons 19 and older.
No means no. Period.
Ask permission. Active consent is everything.
The absence of a NO" does not equate a “YES".
Clean up after yourself.
No illegal activities or substances are allowed in the event venue or on the property.
Respect the presenters, the other attendees, the MP&C staff, the GP crew, the Space staff - everyone!
When in doubt of a policy or rule, please ask.

Now...let's have fun and learn something!!!

The MP&C staff

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