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It doesn't matter what your background is, whether you are a professional athlete, regular gym/yoga junkie or you finally decided its time to get in shape. (

Come join our outdoor group training sessions, meet new friends and have a blast working out in the open.

Our training methods range from calisthenics, steel bell workshops, metabolic conditioning to highly specialized core training.

Here's a brief overview of one of our specialized training programs CoreControl:

All movement begins from our core, when our core is strong, power, efficiency and endurance of all muscles are improved. Possessing a strong core is the pillar stone for peak athletic performance.

The CC program is modular designed to challenge each trainee according to their respective fitness levels. You will advance thru a series of progressively intense movements that engages the core across multiple planes of performance.

Regardless of your fitness background and goals, consistent training in CC methodology, has been shown to directly improve functional strength & movement that can:

Reduce the risk of injuries

Allow your body to move properly

Increase the efficiency & power of all muscle groups

Let's go!

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