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Welcome to the Denver Boardgames group! We get together nearly every day to roll dice, move counters, play cards, and generally have a fun time. I hope you can join us at our various meetings - bring along a favorite game, or show up and try someone else's favorite.  Take a good look at our calendar - we have meetings all over Denver, so there's likely to be one near you.  If there isn't and you want to start up another meeting, let me know and we can get it added to the calendar.
We're not the only board gamers in Denver, not by far.  A good amount of activity also goes on at the yahoo group - you can reach it at http://denvergames.com/.

Upcoming events (4+)

Saturday gaming at The Sojourners Coffee

1501 S Holly St

NOTE: Due to member request we moved this up an hour! The cafe is open till five so we could stay later if desired!

Calling all those who enjoy combining board games, new friends, and coffee!!
We strive to create a laid back and welcoming atmosphere -whether you are a board game expert or have never played before you are invited! Feel free to bring a board game to play or just play some of the ones provided.

Please let us know what time you plan to arrive. We welcome players throughout the day, but you may need to wait for a new game to start if you come late.
All skill levels are welcome.

There is a small parking lot in front of the shop, but there is also a lot of street parking in the area. Can't wait to meet you!

Cafe website: https://sojoscoffee.com/

Saturday Euro_Games @ Night Owl Games

Night Owl Games

Hello EuroGame Meetup,

Welcome to our happy group of fun individuals with a shared interest in Euro-Style board games. Space is limited based on other scheduled events going on in the store. Additionally, all players must be 18 years or older unless accompanied by an adult. Please RSVP for the spaces available, and update your RSVP if it changes to allow others into the spot.

For many weeks there has been an RSVP waitlist. Waitlist gamers: Please plan on arrival on or after 1:30 pm. We want to make sure no one that RSVP-ed gets boxed out of seating.

Please see our in-store Fun Agreement for the five guidelines for FUN group interaction.

The store is open until 9 pm, so folks can stay later if they wish. The store provides us with free fountain drinks.

Saturday Evening - FBC Light Euro Gaming, Arvada

6250 Wright St

Please join us for Light Euro games at Faith Bible Chapel.

We’ll be meeting in the smaller building (chapel) in the large parking lot.

All skill levels welcome. We’ll be playing light up to heavier games, depending upon the mood of the group.

  • Please bring some Light Euro games (if you’re able and comfortable with doing so) as I do not have a huge selection. I have: Terraforming Mars, Space Base, Gizmos, Castles of Burgundy, The Crew, Ticket to Ride, Century Golem…
  • Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to share. Some will be provided.

This is not a child-friendly event, but mature teens are welcome.

  • We’ll be meeting in the smaller building (chapel) in the parking lot.

Wizard's Chest

The Wizard's Chest

Gaming at the Wizard's Chest! Come by, descend to the lower level, and play a game! Note well - this event is run by the Wizard's Chest, not by me. If you ask me questions about the event, I will probably answer "I don't know" an hour or two after you ask me! If you need to ask if the event is happening, please call the Wizards Chest themselves.

Also note that the store seems to close at 7, although I believe gaming continues after than. As such, if you show up at or after 7, you won't be able to get inside.

"It's a casual meet up where you can bring in your own games or play from our demo games shelf. We will also have demos of new and upcoming game titles as they are announced and become available to us. The Game Room will be entirely dedicated to this event. All games are welcome!"

Past events (4,698)

Game Night at Strange Craft Beer Co.

Strange Craft Beer Company

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