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Lakewood Boardgames Meetup Sunday
Bring a game or two to share, or just show up ready to play boardgames at the Target eating area. Show up at 11:30 am - and play on from then throughout the day. The store closes at 9pm Don't be worried about a low registration online - we've got about twelve people who show up every time who never bother to RSVP, and so there's plenty of people to game with! We play until there aren't enough to continue, or 10pm (Target closes) ... which ever comes first! Roughly 7:30pm is the starting time of the last game(s) which is why end time is 7:30pm We've been asked to keep our games/food to nearby us & only to use the tables we're playing on & the chairs we're sitting on. At least 3 tables with 2 chairs a piece need to be left open for food court customers (better would be 4 tables & the 4th table at least 1 chair). So we don't cause problems for Target try to leave the close in parks to customers. I'm not saying park outside the covered parking but unless you have a carpool and are using one of those parks, please don't park near the entrance. You can find us to the left at the top of the escalator. If your bin is particularly heavy, I believe it is okay to send it up in a cart in their cart transport system.

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Welcome to the Denver Boardgames group! We get together nearly every day to roll dice, move counters, play cards, and generally have a fun time. I hope you can join us at our various meetings - bring along a favorite game, or show up and try someone else's favorite. Take a good look at our calendar - we have meetings all over Denver, so there's likely to be one near you. If there isn't and you want to start up another meeting, let me know and we can get it added to the calendar.

We're not the only board gamers in Denver, not by far. A good amount of activity also goes on at the yahoo group - you can reach it at .

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