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The Enlightening Heart: What is Love and What is NOT Love?

Love is the force that heals our hearts and transforms our lives. In our culture, many unloving behaviors and attitudes get the label "love." This workshop is for those who want to understand the difference between unhealthy attachment and real Love. Does your value system tell you to treat others with respect and greet them with an open heart? Would you like to relate to others who show you that same consideration? This workshop is for anyone who is committed to letting go of unhealthy attachment in their lives, cultivating relationships that are actually loving, and surrounding themselves with people who see them for who they are and support them in being their authentic selves. Have you wondered where you will find such kindred spirits? Do you long to be in community? If so, come together with like-minded others to explore the way of the enlightening heart.

We can only receive love from others when we are truly loving toward ourselves. As adults, we must learn to love ourselves before we can find and maintain loving relationships. Some aspects of our personalities come from our self-love; (this is our authenticity). Other aspects come from fear and a need to protect ourselves; (these are our adapted parts). In this experiential workshop, we will explore the difference between our authentic and adapted parts with the goal of integration (bringing disparate parts together and having access to all of them). We transform our relationships with ourselves by hearing what our parts have to say, discovering their source and real purpose, and embracing them, so that together we move toward self-compassion and self-care. Through this work, we will expand our awareness and come home to ourselves, bringing authenticity, self-love, and loving relationships to our lives.

Members must contact the organizer in order to attend. Please call or email:
Rachel Ravin, LCSW-R

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The Enlightening Heart: What is Love? What is Not Love?

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What is Love? What is not Love? Workshop

Midtown (in the 30's)

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