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“DalesBus Ramblers” are a sub-group of “Friends of DalesBus” who are dedicated to supporting public transport access within and to/from the Yorkshire Dales. Guided walks are often linear and involve the use of a bus or train. This puts bums on seats and helps to safeguard the future of fragile rural transport services. By taking part in a guided walk you are helping to preserve these services. You don’t have to be a member of the group, but memberships are welcomed and give you some fringe benefits such as being able to obtain a Dales Railcard even if you live outside the normal eligibility area.

If you normally use your car, then you need to make sure you are parked in a suitable place to access the public transport mentioned in the program. If you are not used to this, it may seem a little confusing at first, so please contact the walk leader for advice if you are unsure. For example, a walk from Buckden to Ribblehead may involve parking in Skipton or Leeds, catching the bus to Buckden then the train back from Ribblehead.

There are huge chains of interconnecting bus services available to get to the walks. For example from Manchester and Burnley to Skipton for a Grassington service, or from Bradford to Keighley to Skipton to Malham. Bus service details in the dales are available on http://www.dalesbus.org or contact the walk leader if you are not sure how to access a walk.

Please note:

All walks, times and distances are approximate and are subject to revision as circumstances dictate. The walk will start after the bus arrives, and is timed to end in time for a return service. If there is service disruption, then this will disrupt the walk. Please accept the pace set by the walk leader, as it is designed to meet a return bus or train service. Participants going in front of the walk leader or behind the back marker may be deemed to have left the walk. Please contact the walk leader if you want further advice.

Please visit our website on http://www.friendsofdalesbus.org.uk for more up to date details of additional walks and any late changes to this walks program.

Whilst every care will be taken, and all walks are risk-assessed, all participants on a DalesBus Ramble are responsible for their own safety. Leaders retain the right to refuse to allow walkers with inadequate clothing or footwear to join walks, and regrettably, dogs other than registered assistance animals are not allowed on our walks.

Using the Bus or Train (details correct May 2019 and subject to change):

English concessionary bus passes are valid on most bus routes except 822, 825, 830, 831, and 881 services. Dales Freedom Rover tickets are available from the driver at £10 for the day or a Dales Privilege Rover at £8 on production of a railcard of any type ( e.g. Senior Railcard, Dales Railcard, Young Persons Railcard etc.), ENCTS elderly or disabled pass-holders or students with NUS or Metro Student Photocard.

Dales Railcards offering 1/3 discount on the Leeds-Settle-Carlisle and Leeds-Lancaster/Morecambe routes plus special offers at certain times of the year are available for Friends of DalesBus members to purchase.

Friends of DalesBus Membership:

Costs just £11 per year (£16.50 for couples/families). Any excess finances are ploughed back into running bus services. To join, please visit our website or send your cheque payable to “Friends of DalesBus” plus your name, address, and email address (optional) to: FoDB Membership Secretary, 8 Moorfields, Bramley, Leeds LS13 3JZ. http://www.friendsofdalesbus.org.uk

Walk classifications:

Easy: Suitable for all, a short and generally level stroll.

Moderate: A longer walk with uphill and downhill sections.

Strenuous: An extended walk with more uphill climbs and over rougher ground.

Additional information may be included with the walk details. For example “uses pathless open access land” gives an indication that the going is likely to be tougher than normal. Please contact the walk leader for additional information.

For general information about our walks, please visit the About Our Walks (http://www.friendsofdalesbus.org.uk/about-our-walks/4594274470) page.

For details of our forthcoming walks, please visit the Current Walks Programme (http://www.friendsofdalesbus.org.uk/current-walks-programme/4594274471) page.

For details of our previous walks, please visit the Walks Programme Archive (http://www.friendsofdalesbus.org.uk/walks-programme-archive/4594274472) page.

To view a selection of photos taken on our recent guided walks, please visit the Walks Photo Gallery (http://www.friendsofdalesbus.org.uk/walks-photo-gallery/4594274473) page. Photos and reports of guided walks from 2012-2013 can be found on our blog (http://dalesbus-ramblers.blogspot.co.uk/) which is now retired.

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