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4th Annual Santa Cruz Beach Trip

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For the fourth straight year, the Geek Club is going to the beach in Santa Cruz!

Every year, we have journeyed to Santa Cruz where we enjoy the Seabright Beach and the Boardwalk. The first of us will arrive early to claim a nice spot on the beach. We'll eat a potluck lunch (don't count on a grill, though) and play in the sand. Groups will take turns going over to the boardwalk, while others stay with our stuff. Come when you want, and stay as long as you want!

Please bring a food item or beverage to share. List what you are bringing so others can coordinate. Since we'll be spending all day on the beach, please consider bringing more substantial food items rather than snacks. Also, sunscreen and clothing layers are a must!

Dogs are permitted on Seabright Beach as long as they are on a leash.

Also -- If anyone can bring a canopy, it would be awesome. Please let us know if you can.


We highly recommend carpooling. Gas is not cheap. Parking is scarce. The road is long and windy. Also, it is fun to carpool and get to know each other better. We just have to make sure we have space to haul everything as well.

In years past, we have met in groups in the south parking lot for Vallco Shopping Mall in Cupertino (near Steven's Creek Blvd.) It's a convenient location close to 280 and 85 (which leads to 17, and in turn Santa Cruz.)

As we all have different schedules for both coming and going, I'm going to just leave it to all of you to work out the carpooling in the comments.


Info about Seabright Beach (

Info about the Beach Boardwalk (

Directions to Vallco Shopping Mall (,-122.0156378,15z/data=!3m1!5s0x808fb59f3545de4b:0x8d1e17b96310b305!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0x808fb59f52a20377:0x41391c800333d171!2sVallco+Fashion+Park!3m1!1s0x808fb5989e5820fd:0xbf29db3278eb798c)


Please leave what you are bringing in the comments. (Don't worry about doing this right away, but please make sure to post before the day of the event.)

[The list will go here when we have one.]


  • Tony

    Sadly I will have to pass. I'm now wearing a cast and the beach/sand is not a good place to be... I was hoping to have it off by today but doc says another week.

    3 years ago
  • Doug

    We are right in front of the entrance. Look for the canopies / tents in the picture.

    3 years ago
  • Irene D.

    Matthew, (I know... it's like shouting John at a Buckeroo Banzai convention) where did that chicken come from?

    3 years ago