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One of us! One of us! We created this group to chew gum and play games and we're all out of gum. No seriously we love playing table-top role playing, board-games and card games, etc and we wanted to get groups of folks together here who love doing the same thing. There's always new games and demos to try, and GM's looking for groups or groups that need a location on certain nights.

On our Board-game night (Monday from 6pm to 10pm) we have a storage closet full of games & people are more then welcome to bring there own.

We're starting a RPG night once a month or twice a month if folks get ravenous, on Saturday 7-11pm. Some of us will GM a game but there's enough room for people to host there own game if they'd like.
If you'd like to host an event contact me and we can go over any day to see if there's a free spot open.
Lately we've been playing anything from traditional rpgs like Call of Cthulhu & Dungeon Crawl Classics to indie/story-games like Fiasco and Dread.�
Join us! No experience is necessary just a good attitude & a sense of humor.

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Anyone interested in Game of Thrones: LCG?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I am new to the game and would be very interested in learning to play, meeting new people (relatively new to SF), etc. Any interest out there in the community?

Thx in advance...

Looking to start a new gaming group, hopefully meeting weekly, need a venue.

I would like to pull together a group of gamers who appreciate grit and local color in their medieval-based fantasy. Using a well-polished home-brew, so rules will be taught. Emphasis on character development and roleplaying. The setting is fantasy but firmly based on England, early to mid 1300's, High Middle Ages. The world IS the way the people of the period believed it was, with a modern fantasy sensibility thoroughly integrated. I plan on GMing. The direction and content of the game will be determined by the characters the players create.

Scifi Two-shot: Microscope and Shock
Needs a date and time

Twin Peaks Apartment

I'm trying gauge the general interest in getting together for two connected gaming sessions, the first to play the open-ended world creation game of Microscope, the second to engage with the resulting world in the freeform, round-robin sci-fi role-playing game Shock. Both of these games are unconventional, DM-less systems that give each player immense creative control.

Microscope: The players act as a curious cross between dispassionate historians and meticulous gods, ranging back and forth across the millennia, authoring everything from eon spanning eras of civilization to single exchanges between the great individuals who helped shaped history. The system allows for any number of genre-mixing settings to created, but we'll probably want to lean a bit more scifi, given the nature of the following session.

Shock: Here each player takes on multiple roles, as the protagonist of one tale, as the antagonist of a second, and as the author of a theme or setting in all of them. Time bends, space transcends, and the essence of humanity is brought to question as player stories twist, turn, meet, and diverge again.

The nature of Shock relies on frequent creative improvisation among the players; a responsibility that can become stressful at times. My hope is that by pairing it with a bit of prior planning in Microscope, we can set just enough of the stage to feel comfortable riffing freely when called upon.

Both games handle 5 players at max. I'll post links to sourcebook pdfs in the comments for people to better acquaint themselves with each.

Anybody want to run a Burning Wheel sampler?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I'd love to see someone run Burning Wheel to get a sense of how the game works. GMs?

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