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Jersey City Writers is a community of dedicated scribes who seek to develop and explore their craft by interacting with other writers. We inspire and support each other to be the best writers we can be in a fun and open social setting.

All genres are welcome. We encourage you to finish your play, your novel or your short story. Stop by and bond with other writers who understand the complicated, yet satisfying process of creating something from nothing.

If you are a local writer seeking inspiration, support and accountability…come join us!

Don't forget to check us out at http://jerseycitywriters.org/

Upcoming events (5+)

Special Summer Tuesdays: Writing Prompts & Beer Talks w/Sara

Join us for an hour of focused writing exercises designed for skill building. We'll be thinking theatrically with a focus on plays, screenplays, and what every fiction writer can take away from those forms. We'll continue the theatrical chat at our special summer event, Beer talks! Join us at Frankie's with your thoughts and questions about what makes play and screenplay writing uniquely different from fiction. Please note: Prompts start at 6:50 p.m. sharp. Beer Talks will start downstairs @ 8 PM at Frankie Jersey City. Feel free to join us for either prompts, beer talks or both.

Writers Workshop w/ Jim

& CO

In Writers Workshop, we will critique Jersey City Writers members' short stories, novel excerpts, scripts, poems, etc. in a friendly and supportive environment. JCW Writers Workshop guidelines for submissions: • You must attend at least one workshop prior to submitting piece for critique. • You must sign up for Writers Workshop in advance with the moderator. • No more than 5-6 pages in 12 point type. • Keep feedback constructive and positive. Writers should submit pieces to the moderator at least three days prior to their workshop date. This allows the moderator to review and email to the group. If you are new to critiquing other's work, please see these guidelines: https://www.grammarly.com/blog/how-to-give-constructive-feedback-on-writing/

Jersey Plums: A Poetry Workshop

Gia Gelato & Cafe

Calling all poets! This workshop will start by critiquing two poems, one by each person signed up ahead of time. Please note if you have never attended our poetry workshop before, you must attend a workshop at least once before you can be on the schedule. The workshop will end, if time permits, with one 10-15 minute writing prompt (an idea to incorporate into a poem written on the spot). Poets who sign up to be workshopped must email Anisa the poem by 10am Friday so she can print copies for the group. To sign up for a workshop in advance, please contact Anisa at [masked] . While critiquing poems, we will “mind our P’s and Q’s” by Praising first what works in a poem, and then Questioning what might be improved. This helps to keep the feedback positive and constructive. If you are new to critiquing poetry, please see these guidelines: http://triadwriters.org/inspiration/guidelines-critique-of-poem/

The Full Story: The Long Road Ahead by Maximo Roman

Needs a location

If you're on this list, you're already signed up to critique Maximo's book the Long Road Ahead. We'll meet at Frankie's at 1 pm. Bring your appetite!

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