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This month's featured beer theme is "Embrace the Darkness!" Pretty excited about this one! We are giving a tip of the hat to one of Alaska's most innovative breweries, Midnight Sun. We have a dark, dark line up of delicious ales such as 3000, Moscow, Berserker, 2nd Hand Smoke and the just released XXX.

Test your knowledge- We will also be conducting a blind taste test. Try your hand at guessing what style of beer we are serving. Pretty fun. If you get all 3 samples correct you will be given the "bell of power" and I will step down as Prez! Here is a hint- the 3 styles are Hef, IPA and Stout. Just kidding!

Please bring us something you have brewed or a commercial beer you thought was interesting. The club will supply several examples of beer from the chosen style category for your sampling pleasure followed by a short educational presentation and announcements from our members.

Haven't renewed your membership yet? Go to the tab above titled "More" and click down to "files". Print out the form and mail to our PO Box.

As always, bring something you brewed and an extra one for the raffle. If you don't brew yet, bring a couple of your favorite commercial beers.

See you there!