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The Kensington & Chelsea Property Group is an independant event. It is a monthly held network of like minded property professionals; architects, land sourcers, interior designers, builders, and developers. The aim is to create great business relationships, create a community of those who want to colloborate and share knowledge as opposed to competing for 'deals'.

It is host by Neil Mangan and co-hosted by Jane Skynner. Every month there are different speakers with a slightly different theme. A bottle of champagne is usually won for the individual who has come the farthest to the event (one lady even came from Malta).

If you have a particular theme you would like to hear, learn more abou then please either email Neil Mangan or Jane Skynner and request that type of speaker. Both are very much connected to many property professionals all over London and other parts of the UK.

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The Business That Bricks Built by Luke Spikes of Higgihaus

The Business that Bricks Built: Top tips, tools and techniques that will help you turn your property into a property business. Whether your decision to invest in property was by accident or by design, the way in which you decide to manage and run it will make a big difference to whether your property ambitions are realised. Or not. Tickets : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-business-that-bricks-built-with-luke-spikes-of-higgihaus-tickets-54705463514 In this 45 minute talk Luke will bring his 33 years experience of starting and building businesses to bear on helping you start down the path of turning your property ambitions into a dynamic, high-performing property business. Whether you are just starting out and yet to acquire your first property, or you’re a property veteran with an extensive portfolio there’s likely to be a tip, a tool or a technique you can start applying tomorrow. In this fast paced and interactive presentation, you will learn: Why mind set matters and how to go about fine-tuning yours, The importance of being clear about your purpose, How visualization can help improve performance and how anyone can do it. That your goals and objectives can be whatever you want them to be, but to be effective they must be specific, measurable and time-bound, That sometimes doing less can help you accomplish more. Tickets : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-business-that-bricks-built-with-luke-spikes-of-higgihaus-tickets-54705463514 About Luke: Luke has a habit of starting businesses (seven thus far in a career spanning 33 years) and having sold the last one and collected his cash, he promised his wife that it would be the last. Then he read Simon Zutshi’s book. And was intrigued. Then he heard him speak. And was inspired. Four weeks later Luke signed up to Simon’s Mastermind programme, conceived of the vision for higgihaus and start-up number seven was born. His wife wasn’t happy. 15 months later he won the prestigious national title of New Property Investor of the Year 2018. #teamhiggi are based in Bristol and actively investing in co-living, serviced accommodation and boutique hotels in the South West, Wales and beyond. Luke is a serial entrepreneur and inveterate starter of businesses. To date he has created more than 500 jobs on 3 continents, raised a ton of venture capital and generated more than £50m in revenues from ideas that started out as nothing more than ‘well that sucks, perhaps there is a better way’. And then thanks to Simon Zutshi he turned his attention to property. Luke will attempt to compress 33 years of his business experience into 45 minutes of tips, tools and techniques for the aspiring or experienced property investor considering how to take their investing activity to the next level. So buckle up, hang on to your hats and get ready for the ride – Luke’s not quite sure how the session will all turn out, but he promises it won’t be boring.

KCPG Presents: Bill Murrow - Angel's Den

Needs a location

A serial entrepreneur, Bill Morrow, has been creating, building and selling businesses for the last 30 years. He now sits on the Advisory Board of 14 businesses; each of whom he needs to be able to answer just three simple questions. He helps these companies raise capital, which is the easy bit but more importantly helps them set up their businesses so that they remain in business beyond raising the money. Bill spent the first seven years of his working life as an accountant with Virgin and then moved into investment banking in the City of London. He founded and sold an international financial services company to a Wall Street Bank in 2001. Since then he has been making investments. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-bill-murrow-angels-den-tickets-54403918585 Most recently he founded Angels Den which has grown to become Europe and Asia's largest angel investment platform, and he has freshly been named the most influential person in alternative finance by City AM. Angels Den now operates in 10 countries, from Mexico to Qatar to Hong Kong. Over 92% of every business funded by Angels Den since 2007 in ten countries, is still growing. Angels Den sees over 100 plans a day. Bill is passionate that every growing, credible, business opportunity, in any part of the world should have the chance to access funding. Since founding Angels Den in 2007, he has changed the rules on angel investing. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-bill-murrow-angels-den-tickets-54403918585 Bill is proud to be a catalyst for change in the world of business with the strength of character to speak his mind whether talking to the youngest of start-up entrepreneurs or senior government officials. Bill is a popular keynote speaker who inspires his audiences with his open approach and determination to promote angel investing. Bill is a visionary who can cut through complexity and operate in fast changing business and cultural environments. He is a relationship builder who creates a “larger than life” impact and viewed with affection and admiration by the entrepreneurial community around the world. He is a remarkable presenter who encourages all who hear him share in his creative, entrepreneurial spirit. Bill has run businesses in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Russia and Dubai. His unique experience in assisting the Hong Kong and Singapore governments to promote entrepreneurship in their countries makes him ideally placed to support emerging entrepreneurial cultures. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-bill-murrow-angels-den-tickets-54403918585 Appearances TV BBC, Bloomberg, SKY NEWS, Own TV show on SKY Over 200 Speaking Panels 340 Conference Keynote Speaking engagements (see below) After Dinner Speaker … too many times for the good of his liver. Advisory Roles on 14 businesses. Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of London Entrepreneur in Residence at Queen Mary University Visiting Professor at 2 Asian Business Schools Judged Business plan competitions at MIT, Harvard, IE, INSEAD, HKU, SMU Advisor to Accelerators/Incubators across the world. Keynote speeches examples. • Hong Kong: Cyberport tech-conference. Why high valuations are not always a win. • Singapore: World Travel Market. How to fund sustainable companies across the world. • London Funding Show. Time for Funding Platforms to step up, and be responsible. • London: the global conference of IE Business School, Madrid. Why do MBA businesses often suck? • London Business Show "How to ensure you never get funded." • Qatar National Forum. "What does Qatar need, that money alone cannot solve in start-up funding?" • MIT; How to write a killer business plan, the lessons from seeing 100 per day. • Middle East tour with His Royal Highness Prince Charles. 12 countries. What does The Region need to do to create jobs from Start-Ups?

KCPG Presents: Joe Dolan, how to buy via auctions.

Baglioni Hotel

Joe has been investing in UK property for over 20 years having built up a significant portfolio both in Newcastle and London. Having purchased over 90% of his portfolio through auctions he will take you through the process from start to finish focusing on the key aspects of purchasing through auctions. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-joe-dolan-how-to-purchase-property-via-auctions-tickets-54851485269 Joe will teach you what to look out for in viewings, how to deal with auctioneers, solicitors and surveyors ahead of the auction, how you will know when your lot has reached its reserve price, when to start bidding, give bidding tips, where to stand in the auction room for best results and review all your financial requirements within this strategy. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-joe-dolan-how-to-purchase-property-via-auctions-tickets-54851485269 He will be joined by Lena Benjamin who is inspirational business speaker who shall present about helping you achieve more revenue from clients.

KCPG presents: Evan Maindonald, Melt Homes. Property Development.

Evan Maindonald has been investing in property in New Zealand and the UK since 1994. In 2002, he formed MELT Homes. In the last 17 years, the company has built over 100 properties in London, Gloucestershire and Kent with a total value of over £22m. MELT Homes has also accumulated an investment property portfolio of over 50 residential and commercial properties. The projects they are currently working on have end values of around £50m and they have crowdfunded around £1.5m in Equity for those projects in the last 12 months. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-evan-maindonald-melt-homes-property-development-tickets-54849938643 MELT Homes twin philosophies of Rigorous Risk Management and Design led Development enable them to deliver profitable development projects in a consistent and reliable manner. Their design led approach enables them to offer better value for money in the properties they build. By focusing on the value that inspired contemporary design can achieve, they deliver more for less. Their rigorous approach to risk management compliments their design led approach and enables them to minimise risk and maximise return for them and their investors. MELT Homes aim to produce individually designed contemporary properties which reflect people's personalities and choices and are designed around the way they live their lives. By doing this, they offer better value for money to purchasers. In turn, this allows them to optimise the profitability of their developments and break the price ceiling in the market for which they develop. MELT Homes believe that, whatever the price of a home, it should be well designed. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/kcpg-presents-evan-maindonald-melt-homes-property-development-tickets-54849938643 MELT Homes mission is to build inspiring contemporary buildings that make a difference to the places in which they are built and which contain living spaces which enhance and empower people’s lives.

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