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Our Meetup Group has been created to help build a community of intuitive and spiritualy minded people here in the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Southeastern NY area to network, share, meet and grow. Anyone who is spiritually minded (regardless of religious or spiritual orientation) and has an interest or practice around Psychics, Mediums, Channels and Energy Healers as well as anyone wishing to develop their own intuitive gifts are encouraged to join. If you have a professional service to offer in the intuitive or healing arts, if you are seeking psychic advice or counseling, connections to deceased loved-ones/spirit guides or spiritual healing; or if you are wishing to develop your own psychic and spiritual gifts you have come to the right place. We offer opportunities for practitioners and teachers to publicize their services as well as their classes, workshops and events. As well we encourage, and help organize the formation of development circles where members can get together, share and help one another grow. We are all one, we all share the same evolving planet and we are all a part of the same evolving Spirit. "We are a circle, within a circle, with no beginning, and never ending". Together we can make a difference.

Upcoming events (5+)

Psychic Support Group

The Opera House

This is a free community group where we UPlift each other and share issues and changes that have been occurring during this earth shift time as well as endeavors and struggles on our journey through the world and business of the Spiritual Arts! We discuss things like ascension symptoms, personal energy shifts, increased or blocked psychic abilities, moving energy and money (one in the same), and more. Having a place of support clears energy blocks and brightens the heart chakra. This meeting will also be an opportunity for networking. This will be a "drop-in" type setup where you can come and go as you please.

Home Circle: Psychic Development

The Opera House

There will be two Home Circles each month at the Kingston location. The first will focus on communicating and interacting with Spirit. The second Psychic Development circle will combine all of our senses and open up our intuitive channels and chakras through techniques Adam has found to be very insightful. We all have psychic and intuitive abilities. Like muscles they need to be exercised. Cost, $10.

Power Attunements: 7 Treasures for Mastering the Art of Life

Fun, interactive and powerful this workshop promises to be dynamic and life changing experience! 1st treasure: the gift; living in the now is the single greatest gift you’ll ever know and the ultimate key to success; 2nd treasure: engaging your spirit; learn a simple meditation process that will permanently shift you into a higher state of being; 3rd treasure: cultivating new frequencies; using a simple but extraordinary technique, in just 40 days you can completely change your programming; 4th treasure: weaving your destiny; learn to apply a potent law of attraction technique that allows you to create anything in your life you desire. 5th treasure: the gift of challenge; learn the hidden language behind life’s challenges and how to clear every subconscious obstacle; 6th treasure: engaging your spiritual helpers; learn how to call upon your spirit guides and angels to assist you; 7th treasure: sharing the gift; your empowerment in completing the circle. You must pre-register here ($50/person): www.adambetweentheworlds.com/events

Home Circle: Spirit Communication

The Opera House

"Home Circles" are a Spiritualist tradition where participants gather together to practice and hone their psychic and mediumistic skills. Learn simple, effective and powerful techniques to connect with Spirit in a safe and supportive environment. For each meeting we will explore a different topic ranging from Angels, ascended masters and crystals to animal totems, ancestral spirits and the afterlife to give you a broad range of experience to further facilitate your own Spirit's growth. Learn how to get messages for yourself and others and discover that you are never alone and that the wisdom of the ages always has been and always will be right at your fingertips. Each meeting will conclude with a "message circle" where participants can practice giving as well as receiving messages from Spirit. Cost: $10 per person

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The Empath’s Survival Training Course

The Opera House

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