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Dooreen Valiente (Thames Valley Coven)

The London Wicca Meetup Group is a common first port of call for those in the South East of England who are interested in Wicca. It is run by the Order of the Horse and Moon whose primary coven is the Coven of the Horse and the Moon. We are the largest and most active Wiccan group on Meetup in the UK and one of the major forces within the Wiccan tradition in this country.

The group has the following objectives

1) To allow Wiccans to meet like minded individuals who are interested in the subject.

2) To allow those interested in Wicca to learn more about its practice.

3) To facilitate the practice of Wiccan rites

4) To provide a way for individuals to join a Wiccan coven

The group provides a straightforward access point to the Wiccan tradition and we are dedicated to facilitating access to initiatory coven Wicca for all seekers. We have a strong record of facilitating initiation into Wicca and Witchcraft with many intiations taking place in the last year. Although this site is run by Cochranian Wiccans we have helped facilitate into a number of different covens. These traditions in which initiations have taken place include Cochranian and Gardnerian Wicca and Traditional Witchcraft. We have many neophytes and novices in training currently in different Wiccan lines. We seek to match the seeker with the tradition of their choosing.

Our Order and coven websites are below



We also run a major Wicca website at


We run a full set of eight Sabbats. Four are public rites and four are social meetups in pub with training for new members. These can be attended by any member or friend.

We also run a cycle of Esbats. Within our coven structure an esbat is normally held on every full moon, although occasionally these events may be open to guests normally they are not . They are held on the full moon, and are normally held in private houses. The Order of the Horse and its associated covens also hold a number of events not on meetup which are for the members associated with the covens. Although the covens are spiritual groups they are also groups of friends and hold their own gatherings.

We try to avoid bringing members to events in private houses who are unknown to our network unless they are with a friend we know. Additionally we are a group for Wiccans. Our focus is on those seeking to join the Wiccan path. The simply curious are welcome to attend our public events. If you are committed to another spiritual path we will not seek to convert you and there would not be much benefit to you coming to our group.

The Order of the Horse and the Moon runs a correspondence course over seven month called 'Seven Moons to Magic'. This introduces Wicca and normally offers the option of initiation into Cochranian Wicca for those who seek it. The course is free, however there is a requirement to complete written work and pay postage costs for those who are continuing to work through the course.

The group is also limited to the over 21s. We have special arrangements for those who are 20.

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Early Midsummer Rite for Love and Relationships

Queens Woods London N10, near Highgate Station

Hi All We will be running a Rite in honour of St Valentine; a young man who lived in the early period of the Roman era of the 3rd century AD. It was not long after the precession of the equinox had changed from the age of the Ram to the age of Pisces. In the mythos it suggests that Valentine was an ordained priest who performed marriage rites. Claudius 2nd of Rome; the emperor forced all single men into a life of celibacy within an army. Valentine was imprisoned for his marriage rituals even though he felt it was an injustice, it was suggested that he wrote a love letter to a girl whilst in prison before he died. The Luperci was a pagan order of Priests who traditionally gathered in the cave where Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome were cared for by a she wolf. Traditionally they sacrificed a goat for fertility as this was traditional in the age of the Ram, this was important as they were still revering the Ram. A dog was used also as a sacrifice for purity. They would then strip the goats fur and dip it in its own blood and the men would touch the goats fur with the women in the streets of Rome, which was widely accepted to make a woman more fertile. The women would place their names in a cauldron and their names were pulled out by single men. Later marriage ensued. In the Grail Legends under pagan belief a dog is sacrificed at the gates of the castle of Annwn and fed to the lions. This allowed you then to enter the Grail castle freely to go into the magic of the other realm of Annwn. In this rite we will not be sacrificing any animals but will be honouring them within the rite. This rite involves candle magic and intentions for your existing relationship or for a new one in the future. Any wishes will be made privately by individuals as the leaning in Cochranian rites is to use magic to change your life. Anyone interested in the aspects of love , or revering Valentine or wanting to make a private wish, then this event is for you. We aim to arrive in the pub at 1 pm and go to the location at 2 pm. We can provide candles for a small donation. Please note this event is for over 21 only and we do not allow dogs at our rites. Please rsvp if you wish to attend May the Goddess be with you The Summoner

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